Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family That Stick Together, Get Sick Together

My partner had contracted chicken pox, and so we had to contain him. Good thing, my kid slept with my parents, and I had to sleep somewhere else. But, since I had to take care of his needs, I would usually bring him food and medicines. I was quite confident too that I would not get the virus since I was told by my mom that I had this already when I was younger.

Well, this was not at all true, since yesterday, my kid and I have gotten the virus. Now, the three of us are all in one room, with chicken pox. waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

This only shows that even family has to part ways even at times of sickness. Hahahahhaha!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Episode 1: The Close - Knit Filipino Family

As a Filipino, I have witnessed over the years and through stories of my grandparents how caring, family-oriented, extravagant and sweet Filipinos are.

One of the dominant traits of us Filipinos is our close - knit relationship with families even to strangers. We seem to call every oldie, " lolo/lola" or grandpa/grandma and elder, " Ate/Kuya" or big sister or big brother. This comes very natural for us even if we go to market places or big malls! We just respect our elders too much that even in our older age, we still get our reprimands!hahahahhaah!

Extended Family is very normal to us, Filipinos
(picture from

With this very close relationship, we get to live under the same roof even if we age and have our own individual families. Somehow, our grandparents live with us or even cousins who play their own fair share of help in the house.

Holidays and big days are not at all important unless, the entire clan is there! This could be very economically impractical, but we seem to manage through finances and still enjoy the occasion for whatever is prepared.

Happy or gloomy occasions have made Filipino families bond together. I can say, we are indeed one big family. No wonder that even those who are already in abroad, working or otherwise, they would still wish they are with their families. I have known several loved ones who simply grow old, single and all, simply because they cannot abandon their folks.

This culture is so special to me that I opted to stay with my parents, build my own house just next to our old home, so my kid can grow up, knowing his grandparents and aunts and appreciate family more than anything else.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Idle But Fun Bonding Time

Some of the Fascinating Animals at Durian Farm, Polomolok

As cited in my first post, today is the big day of the little boys of the house that they have been waiting for. It is their preschool's educational tour. We woke up very early and went home very late.
I decided to grab this time so at least I can rest and have quality time with my kid. Most of the time during the tour, I would just see him running to and fro with his classmates and my nephew, and as I expected, I was yelling his name at the top of my voice. Whew!

He was very fascinated with the play area of our first stop but most glad when he saw animals he didn't have the chance of seeing before. He was indeed calling my name to take all the pictures of these cute animals! Hahahahahha!
With all the photo shoots, we headed to the Del Rio Splash Resort where they have nicest pool for everyone and the landscaping was all captivating. I had much idle time just looking over my boys but I had great time seeing them having fun!

At Del Rio Splash Resort, Marbel

We went home quite exhausted that the boys slept while on the bus. I asked my kid if he had great time, he immediately replied, "YES! Let us go back to that place with daddy!" WOW! This boy indeed recognized fun, beauty and family!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Restless for a Preschool Tour

Tomorrow, my kid and nephew shall join their entire class in an educational tour. The kids have been very excited even a month ago and really had looked forward to this great day. My partner and I are supposed to join them however since he caught chicken pox, then I have to join the kids with the yaya,and miss a day's class but have fun all at the same.

I started this new blog with this new post, because I want to write more my happiness and struggles as a mother, daughter, sister, wife and in-law. I have my fair share of wisdom from my first-hand experiences of failures and success. And with these, I wish to share these too to a woman who shares my role, and keeping her sanity intact despite of everything.Hahhahahah! Happy blogging to me!