Sunday, March 29, 2009

Philippines as a Nation Under Dignity's Assault

The Filipinos may somehow have their lapses. I could name a few but what could not take as a lapse is to be treated as a slumdog.

The article written by Chip Tsao on March 27 in a HK magazine denounced the Philippines' claims to the Spratly Islands, which are also claimed in whole or in part by China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia.

He explicitly said, "As a nation of servants, you don't flex your muscles at your master, from where you earn most of your bread and butter."

Tsao said he gave his Filipino maid a "harsh lecture" on the issue and "sternly warned her that if she wants her wages increased next year, she had better tell every one of her compatriots... that the entirety of the Spratly Islands belongs to China."

This man is simply having one superiority symdrome like other nationalities who belittle the underprivileged nations like Philippines. He may be a renowned writer but he is quite poor in integrity and character as a person and as a columnist.

A columnist by all cause must consider both sides and must separate his personal opinions from facts. Degrading others through writing is simply too immature and irresponsible. His words are no different from the ones who are not educated at all. In short, full of words, but short in wisdom.

But like what other Filipino politician said, this must be an eye opener for us. This Spratlys' issue is only one of the things we have to stand for as nation. We must however stand for everything: poverty, corruption, greed, and other ill-causing action which put the country at a more dismal and discouraging state.

I wish while our politicians strongly argue on the statement of this HK columnist, they too shall be proactive in fighting and addressing bigger issues of the country: poverty, peace and order, corruption, education and political crisis among other important things.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Thirld World Countries' Symptom# 1

One of the most irritating things that do occur in the Philippines is the regular power blackouts. Not only that we endure this both at home and at work, the weather makes it more difficult.

We have been experiencing this blackouts more often these days due to facility upgrades, vandalism and non-payment of bills (Hahahahhaha!).

So, whenever there is a power blackout, people tend to get more lazy due to humid air and dim surrounding and simply there is nothing for you to do in the office or at work, except mind-wandering or story-telling. Well, good things still happen to those some Filipinos who are resourceful enough to make their time more productive in spite of power interruption.

We had to spend the entire afternoon in the mall yesterday in a coffee shop and went net surfing over a cup of coffee where we had a cool, power-supplied time.Hahahahhah!

Now, we were told that the power interruption will continue until Friday. What?!!!!! Goodness! No wonder, investors don't stay long here in the Philippines.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Philippines: Religion and Corruption

I am proud to be Catholic although I am not religious at all. But, we are quite conscious of how our decisions and actions are affected by our religion.

Filipinos are too moral conscious that we value family ties, friendly gestures, religious feasts, and other faith-related traditions. I don't complain at all but I somehow find these overdone and overpractised. We were taught that faith does not guarantee salvation but by actions alone. So,this makes me a little lenient about traditions.

But, what is quite depressing about this truth, and about us Filipinos is that our country is ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Now, I wonder where is our religion bring us? I however agree with the Catholic bishop that only reform of beliefs-by-action and by fear of the Lord that we resist and eliminate corruption from the system.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

School Vacation Officially Starts

My kid is enjoying the idle time since he and my nephew are already free from the regular class works. They are just too excited to stay at home, play, watch cartoon networks and hung around with us.

I have to however teach them how to read more this summer in time for their entry in grade school.

What are they busy about lately? Well, my kid is into computer and PSP games. We asked him to only play during weekends after class so now that he is free from school, he is simply persistent to have his little fingers on the key consoles!


My Wacky - Knit Family

The Family on not-so ready shot! Hahahahhah!

Our First Family Studio Picture

Since we decided to move back to our old home, my family is now with my parents and siblings. The entire house is all yelling but most of the time, we have great loving fun just being together.


The Dead in the Tiboli Culture

Log - encased Dead of the Tiboli Family of Kiamba

In the previous climb we had on the mountains of Kiamba, the native Tibolis keep their dead enclosed between a big log just like what you see in the picture above.

They keep their dead 40 days in their house with the prayers and visits of priest and Tiboli family. They have long been practicing this tradition as part of their ethnic culture here in the Philippines for 75 years.