Monday, March 23, 2009

Thirld World Countries' Symptom# 1

One of the most irritating things that do occur in the Philippines is the regular power blackouts. Not only that we endure this both at home and at work, the weather makes it more difficult.

We have been experiencing this blackouts more often these days due to facility upgrades, vandalism and non-payment of bills (Hahahahhaha!).

So, whenever there is a power blackout, people tend to get more lazy due to humid air and dim surrounding and simply there is nothing for you to do in the office or at work, except mind-wandering or story-telling. Well, good things still happen to those some Filipinos who are resourceful enough to make their time more productive in spite of power interruption.

We had to spend the entire afternoon in the mall yesterday in a coffee shop and went net surfing over a cup of coffee where we had a cool, power-supplied time.Hahahahhah!

Now, we were told that the power interruption will continue until Friday. What?!!!!! Goodness! No wonder, investors don't stay long here in the Philippines.



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