Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday on a Crucified Cross

As a Catholic nation, we seriously take Good Friday as a time of devotion. Normally, Filipino families would hear a mass and watch a reenactment of Jesus' passion and death. For my family, we simply closed our store and just stayed home and enjoyed movie marathon from morning until evening.

But across the nation, around 30 Filipinos and an American reenacted the crucifixation. Over 50 years, Filipinos exercise this tradition out of devotion for graces received or penance. Tourists from other countries actually applaud this while others find this as foolish. However, I personally see this as a sacrifice out of religious conviction. Being hit by thorns or blades and being nailed are no easy works indeed.

I took the liberty to upload an actual video of the reenactment.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Filipinos Celebrate Palm Sunday

Palm symbol decors
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As a Catholic nation, we give honor to our faith especially during a religious activity like the holy week. As part of this faith, we bring palms to commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We missed the Sunday masses before but I asked my family to attend the Palm Sunday Mass and brought with us some religious symbols made from palms.

Tradition says blessed palms bring protection to the household from evil spirits but the religious say it is a reminder that we give praise and recognition to Jesus as our Savior. Whatever is the conviction for Palm Sunday, we simply acknowledge as family that holy week is a season for love and forgiveness.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Filipino Kid's Games: Noon at Ngayon

I still remember when we were younger when cellphones or computer games were still not handy or available to low or average-earning families, I joined my fellow neighbors in playing chinese garter, tumba lata, taguan, patintero, siatong, and kadang - kadang. These are traditional Filipino games.

But over the years, what have been a physical exercise and fun and team games to the kids before have been replaced now by computer games, PSP, cellphone, IPOD and TV watching. No wonder some Filipino kids are becoming obese, lazy and dependent.

I wish to relive these games and let the kids know and try these. These are part of our culture and tradition as Filipinos but I guess, these games are becoming history too.


Filipino Strangest Food

Since one of the delicious although disturbing passion of Filipinos is eating, I have cited below our personal favorite. These are actually the food that some Filipinos love to devour in spite of their unusual smell or preparation.

1. Dried Fish
This fish is normally soaked in salt in several days and dried well under the sun. In spite of its stinky smell, I love to pair this with fried rice as my breakfast.

2. Durian
What has become my most disliked fruit is now an every night hobby. We have been eating this for several weeks that even my little boy would fight over a line of durian.

The biggest Durian we devoured! LOL! Durian is the food of the elite. We got this from a Durian Garden's Tour with my kid and nephew

3. Balut
- A boiled duck's or chicken egg with a mature chick of about 17 - 21 days. We eat this as an appetizer or an aphrodisiac. This is known food in other Asian countries like Vietnam, China and Cambodia.

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4. Kinilaw na Isda
Tuna is a natural catch here in General Santos City. Consequently, we eat this by eating it soaked in vinegar and eating it raw. We spice this cucumber and onions. Yummy! Although other fish can also be used as an alternative.
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5. Buro
This is a Kapampangan specialty wherein they preserved the rice in salt with fish or shrimps in few days. I have tried the taste of this and it is indeed appetizing. But wait, the smell is simply the most stingy I have ever known. Hahahhaha! This is one exotic food of Filipinos!
The buro is on the little dish paired with fried fish
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6. Adobong Paniki (bat)
My inlaws just love to hunt these nocturnal animals. But, goodness, they had allowed me to try this adobong paniki. This has become a pulutan or an appetizer during drinking sessions. Sorry folks, but I am not going to try this again.

There is still a variety of exotic and strange food in the Philippines. I still have to see and taste the others.