Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dealing with Child's Tantrums

When my kid, years ago when he was around 3 years, had burst for something he needed, it would usually be for sleep, food, toys, games, or simply attention from us. But, I remember only rare occasion when my kid had thrown this unwanted behavior especially, in public.

I was quite conscious with my kid's need that I did anticipate what he would want. But, rule of the thumb for us, " We will give it to you the next time possible." We kept and have been keeping promises we give to our kid. That way, he can look forward to the time he can get what he wants. But, if he would not compromise, we simply shut him off by bringing him home or by ignoring his wails. These had worked for us, so, my kid would remember that tantrums would not bring him anywhere.

Experts say that tantrums can be caused by several reasons and there can be different ways how to deal with them.

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