Saturday, May 23, 2009

Find Common Activities for Sibling Bonding

As written in my other article, my siblings and I were really not that close when we were younger. But, we make up for the lost time by doing things we both love.

We are all simply passionate on these:

1. pedicure and manicure- we go to the same parlor every two weeks and have our pedicure and manicure done. We just don't share the same liking for nail colors. hahahhaha

2. Havaianas Flip flops - we drool for these slippers.hahahhaha!

3. Chinese food - I like siomai while they like hakaw but we all love pancit canton

4. dresses - oh, we are just confident women. hahahaha

5. body massage and spa - what can I tell, we are simply vain!

6. movie - while I go for romantic and action-packed stuffs, they prefer horror films.

7. parties - talks, disco, drinks, well, these are us!

8. boys - we have the same liking for choosing men whom we can appreciate



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