Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother's Love

Madonna and Child by Sassoferrato (Giovanni Battista Salvi) Paintings

There is no greatest love exists on earth than the love the mother has for her child. As a mother, I truly believe this. I simply want the best for my kid. Now, regardless if circumstances force some mothers to do the unthinkable for their kids, still, it is by this love that brings out care, warmth, humility and generosity among other things.

When I saw the movie, "Passion of Christ," I could not help but weep a lot. There is no better model of this mother's love than Mama Mary herself. There are Mama Mary's among us. We don't have to be Catholics to be one. It is by our actions as a mother that distinguish us from the rest of the society.

I simply salute all the moms out there.



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