Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Friends - My Family

dinner with childhood best buddies

friends for 22 years and counting

Do you have friends who have been with you since grader's days? I do! In fact, they have been my friends since grade 3.

When we moved to General Santos City, I would only communicate to them through letters. But, when I got married, I happened to be back in Zamboanga City and normally hang with them whenever we like it.

But, since we have relocated again, I could only visit them for few days and bond with theme just a little more. Now, we have our individual families and kids but that don't stop as from being closer. We have individually witnessed heart aches, family ordeals, births, weddings, birthdays and more and we shall still be counting to more landmarks of our friendship. We are extension of each other's families. Truly, friends are in number but only the real ones stick around for good in spite of your ups and downs.



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