Friday, May 22, 2009

Remembering Sibling Rivalry

I was never that intimate with my younger sibling but I could pretty remember that we were always quarreling. I could not, however, remember all the reasons for the quarrels but mostly, they were of petty reasons.

We were reprimanded all right by our parents but we simply grew older but not at all sweet or nice to one another.

Now, that we have our own individual families, we asked of our rivalry before. I was told I was always the favorite since I was an honor student. I felt sorry that I missed having a good time with her and my other siblings. But, it is never too late to catch up though.

So, to all parents and siblings who face similar sibling rivalry, let me share these tips we personally acquire:

1. never compare siblings
2. never take sides
3. punish and/or reprimand equally
4. focus on and praise the good points not just on the weaknesses
5. handle the issue but not the person
6. fight fairly
7. assure the equal love for all the siblings regardless of accomplishments

For a more clinical set of guidelines and tips, click here and here.



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