Saturday, June 13, 2009

Angels Are Bountiful Among Friends and Bloggers

I have a number of blogs and I have been wanting to do the layouts but I simply don't have the time. My sister, Tammy was just kind enough to help me by asking her generous and adorable blogger-friends to do a free blog make-over. I can't simply contain my extreme joy and gratefulness for Rosemarie who made this wonderful layout.

Do check more of Rosemarie's works and she will definitely do wonders on your blogs. Again, to Rose, Muchas Gracias! Maraming Salamat po!Daghang salamat kapatid! mwa!



Prettymom said...

hmm.. your are always welcome!! natagalan nga bago ko matapos eh.. kasi tinamad at di makapag isip magandang header hehehhee...

Ruz said...

Thank you again Pretty Rose. mwa mwa mwa! Ok lang na natagalan, maganda naman ang outcome.hehehheh.thanks again.

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