Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crazy Every Morning For Us

It is quite different when you have school kids and employees at home. Every thing seems to be on the rush as you prepare the meals and stuffs of the kids, give them bath, send them off to schools and to head to work.

This is the very scenario every morning for us. Since my work is way far from the house, I have to travel early. So, I juggle between preparing the boys' school and personal needs, then, attend to what I must do.

I only make sure that I prepare my stuffs a night before to make my mornings less crazy. hahahhahaha!



Prettymom said...

hi Rosilie, we are in the same boat. Morning is the busiest day for me. anyway, i have something for you in this link, hope u can grab it

Ruz said...

thanks sis! ang hirap talagang maging nanay.hehhehehe

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