Saturday, June 6, 2009

Helping Your Kids Adjust First Days of School

My kid loved staying at home where his nanny and uncles were around. The house is his safe and comfortable zone. But since he had no other playmates, we decided to bring him to a day-care center just within our vicinity.

As a kid, he had bundles of questions why he would have to go to school, why he should color and write and wait for his teacher. I could only smile and help him fill in with the answers. He did not do well in school academically but he loved his teachers and his playmates. I personally believe, this is also important among kids.

But, indeed first-time school kids would have to battle between home and school. You can actually help by trying these tips.

1. Pre-orient your kids of the importance of school and the things they shall learn from this.

2. Bring your kids to their potential schools to at least get familiar with his teachers, classrooms and possible classmates.

3. Check with the school if you or your nannies can wait for the kids within the school campus until they get used to the new people around them.

4. Check your kids' classroom works to guide them in their homeworks or reviews.

5. Get connected with Parents-School activities and communities. You can at least be aware how your kids perform and how you can help him improve and love his school more.

6. Each day, ask your kids how they do in their school. You can be watchful or vigilant for any sign of discomfort, violence or problems.

7. BEST of ALL, assure your kid of your love and presence even if they are out of your vision. This way, they will learn to acquire self-confidence and independence.

We have to remember that school is supposed to be filled with learning and fun. We cannot overdo or underwork our role as parents otherwise, we may eventually see our kids' dislike and unhappiness.



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