Monday, June 15, 2009

New Work for Me but Less Time for the Family

I am officially to work as a project officer tomorrow for a government unit. This is entirely an 8-hour job and will require me to do much heavier works as the head of office. However, I am to render hours for teaching assignments in my old school. This indeed require me to stay late from home and miss the family much.

I have been wanting to have a change of work since I am all burned out. I could not however, relinquish the teaching position because if I won't be happier with this new job, I can just go back to teaching.

What I can do now when I have the time is maximize my free time with my kid and the family. Wish me well!



Bill said...

congats Rosilie and your new position. It sounds like it is going to be a good one. Your the boss now maybe i should say hello Mam LOL. Congrats once again you deserve it.

ROSILIE said...

Hahahah! Thanks Bill! I just pray I will do the works right or else leave. hahahahahah! Thanks again.

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