Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quality Time with Kids

I am working as an office employee which constitutes a basic 8-hour employment and more if the job requires it. But, since I am only starting with my new job as Project Officer, I have been spending more time from home.

Although I feel guilty with my family from a shift of time schedule, I can only make up, especially, with my kid, when I attend to his things in the morning, and consume all the free time in the evening. I make sure that his request for bedtime stories are still filled in. I may have revised, understated and overexaggerated some stories from sheets and designed my own story board, but, I guess it's the time that counts with him.

There cannot be any precise measurement of what is supposed to be quality time. I don't see it at all with the number of hours given to kids but with the worth of your time with him. Some parents may contradict with this but there is really no exact and perfect formula to be good parents. I don't know if you will agree with me but environment and family culture define the most appropriate parenting styles.



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