Saturday, June 6, 2009

Raising Kids

My parents raised all four girl offsprings. Since my old pop was a former naval officer, he originally wanted my other younger siblings to be boys so, they could join in the boy-dominated world. They were exposed to toys for boys rather than the cute stuffs of dolls and the likes. Fortunate or not, my younger siblings did not qualify the basic requirements set fort by the Philippine Military Academy.

My mom indeed had hard time raising and educating us of what the world is for us ladies. Now, that I am older and raising my own kid, I could only feel sorry for my and my sisters' stubborness when we were younger.

Raising kids is definitely fulfilling but draining. Having a father who was quite busy with his government duties left my mom in a more struggling role. But, we were quite disciplined before that rods were on our butts for all the misfits we did. However, we did not see this as a misconception since we turn out all right; we finished our degrees and have decent works.

Cultures warrant different ways how to raise kids but regardless of the form and the means, I am pretty sure that most parents, wish their kids to grow well in a safe, and sound environment.



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