Saturday, June 13, 2009

Struggle and Pride of Working Moms

Decades ago, women in the Philippines only stayed at home as a housewife and homemaker. This was seemed to be the most natural thing to do for them. But, as lifestyle and environment change, so do are the roles of women. For one, more and more number of women are getting into the works of men, like in law, medicine, military, politics among the many men-dominated industries.

But, women nowadays, marry late and are well-educated. They know what they want and who they want. I can't imagine myself not being one.

I am a working mom, and I take pride in what I have accomplished as a woman, mother and person. I do wish to stay at home with my kid, but, circumstances simply wont permit me. I am too restless to stay put at home.

This is the challenge among working moms, to balance career, family and personal life.



Bill said...

I agree with you it is very hard for a women to be a worker and a mother both. I compliment you for being both. Have a great weekend Rosile.

Russ said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Ruz said...

to Bill:

Thank you my dear friend. I salute all the women, moms or not for doing superwoman works!

Ruz said...

To Russ:

Thank you for the compliment. The works are indeed difficult but I simply love them. My best wishes to you.

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