Monday, June 22, 2009

The Struggle of a Working Mom

After a week of work as a project officer in a semi-private organization, I somehow get used to my 8-hour job (that sometimes extends to 10-15 hours), new colleagues and mentally and physically challenging pressures. I could not count the number of meetings that I had to attend last week from the 4-days of my office assumption.

I feel guilty with my kid since I have very meager time to help him out in school. It is just a relief that the entire family helps and supports me and the schedule transition.

I am bound to leave for Kidapawan City tomorrow, a 4-hour road trip from General Santos City and may stay over night, should the transportation will constrain me.

Being a working mom is quite a job in a circus, too many works but with too little time.



Unknown said... is very hard to be a working mom. Not only the energy that it physically demands but the guilt plays havoc on ones mind constantly.

You are very lucky to have family that is willing to support you....that in itself is a huge savior:)

onlinewriter said...

I know how you feel. I was in that situation before when i was in retail and marketing operations. that's why i decided to kill my career and chose to be a homemaker. but in less than a year,i found a break in a call center that allows me to work on schedules that I can commit on (part-time on weekdays and 8 hrs nightshift on weekends).this way i can send and fetch my child in school,coach her,and do some household chores while keeping a steady income.hope your schedules won't be as hectic in the coming days anymore.all the best!

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