Friday, July 31, 2009

Family as One

Our house is simply quite small but I wont trade it with bigger or elegant house if my family is not around.

Somehow, things get easy with loved ones who are always there to support and advice you when you get all cranky, bewildered and lousy. Hahahhahah!

Every school morning, my parents help a lot in attending to the kids. So I manage, to get to work on time if not few minutes late. There are sure miracle people like miracle stuffs including cellphones and satellite radios.

This weekend, my father shall review my nephew while my mother and sister will attend to our store. I wont be doing any work papers though because I like to have fun.


Busy Weekend Again

The little boys will soon have their big exam on Monday. I was supposed to review my kid way much earlier, but I was all tired from work. I am really getting all paranoid with this new job. I was supposed to have fun but all I was getting was frustrations. After 6 weeks of work, is this feeling still normal? Am I still adjusting? I am still giving myself another month, then, that's it, I call it quits.

For the meantime, I have to review my kid. He is doing poorly in school and I could not even give him enough time and much worst than previous years.

I know my priorities and soon, I will just have to think this first and foremost.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Making Reviewers for the Kids

Soon it will be quarterly exams and since I was the one with professional education training, somehow, I was obliged to write reviewers for my kid and nephew. I had been writing reviewers for them for 2 years already. Somehow, that helped them get used to answering questionnaires.

So, come next Monday, the kids shall be on deep thinking as they hurdle through their exams. Poor them, eh. hahhahahah! Good thing, I have my notebook to work on their reviewers while on rest. Since I got my notebook from lsptop deals, my work has become lighter and easier.

I have to however, prepare their questionnaires tomorrow so that, by Thursday evening, we can start reviewing them. I only wish my eye pressures subside.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Photographer Son

My kid simply loves to try practically everything. I can only see myself through him. hahhahah! One thing he is quite stubborn is his liking for taking pictures. He has to borrow or sneak for his dad's SONY Alpha 100 DSLR camera just to shot on anything and on anyone.

Last time, he had to take some random shots of his teachers and classmates from their school activity program. His folks and teachers are simply proud of him.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures and More Pictures for Us!

We love picture taking of almost everything. Our laptops and camera's memory cards are all loaded with multimedia files, including bunches of pictures. We somehow, printed some of our pictures but most of the time, they are just kept in our computers.

I only noticed that our units had slowed down when they are now packed with tons of files. I remembered when my three - year - old notebook crashed down and all of my important files were saved in that unit with no backup at all, my days were indeed irritating. We did have our external hard drives but they too just died of natural death. It is however, nice to know that there are now online backup for a more secured safekeeping.

I don't think we shall stop from taking pictures or saving multimedia files. They are simply nice to keep and fun to have.


My Blog Family

The General Santos City Bloggers during Side A Band Concert!
I simply had great time with good songs, dance and photo wacky shoots. hahhahah!


Planning for a Family Vacation

My sister, Tammy and I have been wanting to go out from the city and out from the country for a vacation. We wanted to use our blog earnings for a holiday trip especially, when we get holiday invitations from friends who are outside General Santos City.

However, I can't just leave without dragging the rest of the family with me. So, I have to at least, budget for three persons if I really want to enjoy a holiday trip. I did ask Tammy to invite our younger sibling for a trip and call it "Sisterhood Getaway." I hope that by next year, we can finally head somewhere else and experience life outside Mindanao, outside Philippines. I personally yearn to go abroad but I am still worried of leaving my young kid behind. I can only keep my fingers crossed!


Family Birthday Celebration

With my sister, Tammy, on her recently celebrated birthday! She had been my best friend, confidante, business partner, blogger-pal and fashion critique.hahahhahah!
When we won from an SEO contest of Bariles for Side A Band Concert.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sick Family

My family runs an allergy in the genes and it is quite common among us that we have running nose in the morning or skin patches or asthma if the weather shifts very often.

But, sometimes other illnesses brought by the environment makes us sick that we need Medicare supplement insurance to support the government health care assistance.

The medicines in the Philippines are quite expensive that somehow, a number of Filipinos complain of big hospital or medical bills. It is even more frustrating to those who can not buy the needed medicines for therapy.

I wish that medicare insurance can be given to every Filipino.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spiderman: Me

Since I acquired my new job, my schedule has been frantic and loaded, day and night. I really feel so restless. Being an administrator is indeed no joke. The pay is quite high but responsibility is greater too. I could relate really to that line in the movie, SPIDERMAN, hahahhahahah!

Last week, I was consumed with financial records, proposals and communications. Just yesterday, we had our General Assembly, so my Saturday was devoted to work still. I had to relax by bringing my family to a movie house.

Next two weeks shall be another painstaking works again. I am just giving myself a month or two to get used to everything or simply to quit from this new work, and say, I have enough. hahahhahah!

What I appreciate more however, from this new job is not really the pay but the dynamic and ecletic styles of managing a business plus the exposure I am getting with VIP's and other people. This will help me manage my store and the family business. So, I still have no regrets in getting this job.

I just have to be spiderman and wonderwoman all at the same time until I am done.hahahhahah! Being a woman, manager, wife, mother, friend, sibling, and daughter is not at all an easy job. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Busy Us

My parents are quite hard workers. I can attribute this value for their not coming from a well-off family, where every grain on their table must be well - earned from sweat and brains.

We acquired this value highly, sometimes, to our discomfort or illness. As posted in my other article, I am pretty restless. I like to do several things at one time. But, what I really miss a lot is my mountain biking or jogging. I am indeed gaining weight from all-day long of sitting that my friends had suggested about ephedrine.

I really don't like the lumps on my belly, saggy arms or wide legs. Indeed, losing weight is a struggle especially for busy people like us. Although, our weight still qualifies under medium built, I would want the unwanted fats lost.

Perhaps, we can find time soon, come next Sunday.


Big Family: Good or Bad?

My family is big for an average size of a family. I have 3 other siblings, all girls though. We are not well - off, thus, we tend to share things with others. My younger siblings would normally complain that I can only hand my old stuffs to them. This was quite true when we were younger. We bickered a lot, competed for our parents' attention and more.

These stuffs among other things are what I see as the bad side of big families but I won't have it differently. My parents and sibling help me with raising my kid, we tend to share our own lapses and shortcomings. And, in spite of our financial limitations, somehow, we are happy that we are all together, safe and healthy.

Regardless of family size, the values for love and care should always be there. Would you agree with me?


My Family Loves to Shop

The very reason why we wanted to put up a fashion store was that everyone in the family including the kin of my husband love to shop for bags, shoes, wholesale clothing, accessories and more. And, since we are passionate for lovely stuffs, we decided to sell what we love to shop.

My sister and I, normally buy our store products and sport them on. It is important for us that we can take pride in wearing our stuff so that, our customers may take delight also from them.

We love recreational activities like airsoft too. Consequently, we want to sell airsoft accessories to blend with our fashion apparel. Business has become a family concern for everyone. My parents are now teaching us so we can continue their furniture business. I only have to joke around them, saying they are as sturdy like any solid rock. Of course, we have to learn the nitty gritty of business, so we can do well in our fashion store.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sibling Photo Shoot#5

I just like to share this photo when my other younger sibling joined us in our in-line blade practice.

Of all my other sisters, she is always adventure crazy. She joins the Boys Scout although she is 100% girl.hahhahahah!

I am the closest to this sister since she became like a baby to me when I personally took care of her when she was younger.

She is all pretty grown up now and knows what she really likes in life. hahhahaha!


Family Work for Everyone

Now that we are back to my parents' house, the old folks help around with the kids among other things. My father sends me to work and fetches the kids from school while my mom and partner assist me in attending to the boys' needs before they head off to school and fixing house works like busted light bulb , or dysfunctional appliance for our house helpers.

It also helps that the family is around since if we need baby sitters or if the budget goes tighter, the family willingly helps around. This is quite distinct among Filipino culture. So, even if we have to adjust with family differences, I still appreciate it that my sister and I are back to our old home.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Watching Movies Together

My family loves to watch movies. So, whenever we have our idle time, we simply sit back and watch the big tube. Sometimes, we go to the movie house and enjoy the film.

My family recently watched Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, and we had great fun watching all the robots and gadgets and all - packed actions. When you share the same passion with your loved ones, you get to enjoy more with the time and fun with them.

By far, Transformers 2 topped the highest gross this year, toppling down Angels and Demons. We got to see the latter too. hahhahahah! Soon, we will see Ice Age 3 with my kid. That will be something to look forward to after a week of heavy work.

photo source:


Work Bulges For Me

The problem with desk job is you get to sit the whole day just behind your desk and your computer. In short, you move less in spite of your small diet.

I had been a teacher for over a decade but somehow, I did not gain much weight since I moved up and down through building floors, walked back and forth with classroom instruction, ate on main meals because of the rigid time between classes.

Now, I have that unwanted lumps on my forearm, tummy and legs. Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! I did use to jog, bike, and go in - line blades but since my partner has his job too, I am left with no choice but to consider diet change and Anoretix.

I wish that I can find a way to lose my weight and contain my width within my desirable numbers. Perhaps, going to a gym or dance lesson can help. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I hope I can find a time.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Sister Joined Our Company

I was recently hired by a non-stock,non - profit organization, the Sarangani Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the course of my usual works, our president happened to drop by our store and had the chance to talk to Tammy.

With my sister's exposure in marketing and broadcasting, she was hired to be account and marketing executive a radio station here in General Santos that covers key neighboring provinces and cities. Hehehehh!

So, basically, we are now under the same organization. Good luck sis!


My BFF-Sister's Upcoming Birthday

Soon this July, my sister, Tammy shall be celebrating her 30th birthday. She is thinking already of ways how to celebrate her big day. Our family has a string of birthdays from May to December. Consequently, there is always a reason for us to celebrate every month.

So Tammy wishes to join Side A Band Concert here in Gensan as part of YAMAN GENSAN 2009 celebration, to celebrate with close friends and us, her family. She too wishes to have heart jewelry , the one with embedded with diamonds. I am pretty sure her special friend would have this gift too, aside from the crucifix Tiffany necklace that she received.

Well, our blog contest announcement shall be on her birthday too. So, this July shall be a pretty month for us all.