Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big Family: Good or Bad?

My family is big for an average size of a family. I have 3 other siblings, all girls though. We are not well - off, thus, we tend to share things with others. My younger siblings would normally complain that I can only hand my old stuffs to them. This was quite true when we were younger. We bickered a lot, competed for our parents' attention and more.

These stuffs among other things are what I see as the bad side of big families but I won't have it differently. My parents and sibling help me with raising my kid, we tend to share our own lapses and shortcomings. And, in spite of our financial limitations, somehow, we are happy that we are all together, safe and healthy.

Regardless of family size, the values for love and care should always be there. Would you agree with me?



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