Friday, July 31, 2009

Family as One

Our house is simply quite small but I wont trade it with bigger or elegant house if my family is not around.

Somehow, things get easy with loved ones who are always there to support and advice you when you get all cranky, bewildered and lousy. Hahahhahah!

Every school morning, my parents help a lot in attending to the kids. So I manage, to get to work on time if not few minutes late. There are sure miracle people like miracle stuffs including cellphones and satellite radios.

This weekend, my father shall review my nephew while my mother and sister will attend to our store. I wont be doing any work papers though because I like to have fun.



Anonymous said...

your family rocks! hehehehe salamat sa warm welcome ha, mubalik jud ko kay lami kaayo ang pagkaon sa inyoha :)

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