Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Family Loves to Shop

The very reason why we wanted to put up a fashion store was that everyone in the family including the kin of my husband love to shop for bags, shoes, wholesale clothing, accessories and more. And, since we are passionate for lovely stuffs, we decided to sell what we love to shop.

My sister and I, normally buy our store products and sport them on. It is important for us that we can take pride in wearing our stuff so that, our customers may take delight also from them.

We love recreational activities like airsoft too. Consequently, we want to sell airsoft accessories to blend with our fashion apparel. Business has become a family concern for everyone. My parents are now teaching us so we can continue their furniture business. I only have to joke around them, saying they are as sturdy like any solid rock. Of course, we have to learn the nitty gritty of business, so we can do well in our fashion store.



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