Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Sister Joined Our Company

I was recently hired by a non-stock,non - profit organization, the Sarangani Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the course of my usual works, our president happened to drop by our store and had the chance to talk to Tammy.

With my sister's exposure in marketing and broadcasting, she was hired to be account and marketing executive a radio station here in General Santos that covers key neighboring provinces and cities. Hehehehh!

So, basically, we are now under the same organization. Good luck sis!



Lulu said...

Wow that's great! Must be cool to work in the same organization

ROSILIE said...

Reply to Lulu:

Indeed it is cool to belong to one company.hahahha!

Grampy said...

That is great. Talk about togetherness.

Ruz said...

Reply to Grampy:

It is nice really to work with family. It is easier to go through job stuffs.

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