Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spiderman: Me

Since I acquired my new job, my schedule has been frantic and loaded, day and night. I really feel so restless. Being an administrator is indeed no joke. The pay is quite high but responsibility is greater too. I could relate really to that line in the movie, SPIDERMAN, hahahhahahah!

Last week, I was consumed with financial records, proposals and communications. Just yesterday, we had our General Assembly, so my Saturday was devoted to work still. I had to relax by bringing my family to a movie house.

Next two weeks shall be another painstaking works again. I am just giving myself a month or two to get used to everything or simply to quit from this new work, and say, I have enough. hahahhahah!

What I appreciate more however, from this new job is not really the pay but the dynamic and ecletic styles of managing a business plus the exposure I am getting with VIP's and other people. This will help me manage my store and the family business. So, I still have no regrets in getting this job.

I just have to be spiderman and wonderwoman all at the same time until I am done.hahahhahah! Being a woman, manager, wife, mother, friend, sibling, and daughter is not at all an easy job. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!



Dorothy L said...

You can do it.
Just remember this saying' I am Woman ...hear me ROAR:)
Those are words I live by "_

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