Saturday, September 26, 2009

Early Christmas for Filipino Families

Once September comes in, we hear Christmas songs already. And the malls start to put in Christmas decors and christmas cards.

With the music and cool air, somehow, the mood gets festive. We always love Christmas holidays because of the long vacation, reunions, eating and bonuses. hahhahahahha!

We asked our younger sibling when she and her partner can visit us here in Gensan, she only replied that it would have to be in December.

There are indeed a number of Filipino traditions that manifest faith on Christmas. Who would not know of Simbang Gabi at 3 am every morning for nine days and shall commence on December 24? Although, I had not attended one since I preferred the early morning to sleep.

Well, Christmas is indeed coming!


Fun Time with My Kid

in one of the afternoons at the mall

My kid is counting the days that I shall be officially unemployed. And if you ask him, what we would do once I stopped working, he would say, we will just wander around.

I always love spending time with my kid and whenever I can, I kiss and hug him a lot and say "I Love You."

He is quite sweet but very very playful and persistent.


Busy Days Up Ahead for Us

Last night, I had to ask my husband to copy some video clips into my notebooks since we will be manning the exhibit for 19 days at Gaisano Mall.

During our first exhibit, we complained of more personal expenses than earnings because we have to buy our meals from the mall every now and then. With nothing else to do except wait, eating seems so natural for us. waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

So, to keep us occupied while sales were bleak, we stayed on the stall's area rugs and watched good movies.

I only have three days left of official work then I will man the exhibit full time. Good luck to us!


Sunday at the Park

We used to jog every weekend but when we stopped, we became lazy to resume the old routine. Now, that I could not fit into my old pants, I know I must go back to the regular jogs.

With the city park opened and renovated, we mustered our laziness and hit the road. My kid settled with his inline blades while my husband and I had brisked walking and jogs.

I only hope this will continue especially this coming week when I shall be officially resigned from office.


Skype with Stranded Sister

My folks were all worried yesterday as they saw the flooding condition in Manila. They kept on calling an texting her of their conditions.

Last night, we could have them through Skype for a video call. They are ok but shall remain stranded in their home. Good thing, their place is at the second floor and they have stacks of food to keep them until the flood subsides.

Funny though that my sister would have to ask our condition and the kids' than being worried. My son rather shouted toys for their school performance.

We just remain hopeful that the storm would eventually pass.


My Sister Has Been Stranded by Flood

We were quite worried with our younger sibling who is residing and working in Makati City. We could only pray that she will remain all right after seeing streets heavily flooded in area and elsewhere. The water is rising chest level that some would have to stay on their roofs to remain dry.

Last Saturday, the storm ONDOY hit Luzon and my sister and her partner had to traverse the road with water up to their chest. And now, their appartment is filled with waters knee length.

I got this video clip of how houses and people are being swept off by the flood. It indeed gave us a chill. May everyone affected be all safe and sound.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Busy Routines

My sister, partner and I spend the usual mornings and evenings with laptops to work on blog updates, opportunities or simply work-related stuffs.

It quite helps that our router allows us to do remote and flexible internet surfing whenever and wherever we like it.

I became quite passionate with internet only last year when I started to blog and get to know other internet works and read contents about everything including free seo services.

Internet usage has become a daily routine for all of us. Even my kid is hooked to watching his favorite movie clips from Youtube. However, I must guide him well since there are also unwanted sites from the net.


My Nephew is Back

My sister and her kid are finally back after more a month of staying in Manila. Although the house if more wacky and chaotic because of the litter and noise, we would not want it otherwise.

Ziggy, my nephew who now has 3 bulging teeth and walks like a drunkard!

My folks are also getting used to this little bugger that they can't help but attend to him whenever they can. hahhahah!

We are simply happy to have him back!


Our Family Business on Mall Exhibit Again

The Mall Exhibit last Summer 2009

On Monday, we shall be joining the rest of the businessmen in a mall exhibit in Gaisano Gensan. We have been waiting for our permanent mall space but the structures are not yet built so, we can settle first for an exhibit now and then. I wish to join too in Davao Bazaars, I just have to ask my friend to help me with the procedures.

During our First Mall Exhibit

We shall have to prepare our display racks, bags, fashion accessories, perfumes, sandals, flip flops and apparel. We must however, buy more stocks to replenish including Naot shoes for others who want stylish and quality footwear.

I just have to finish my last three days at my job, then, I shall be officially unemployed on October 1 and get busy with the exhibit and with the family around. I can get my kid to visit me at the mall and have fun together.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Only Love Through the Years

Every love song is a story but not all love songs can be as sentimental, true, and soul-piercing like the songs of Air Supply. The band may have started way back 1970's but their soft rock love songs overwhelmed generations after generations. Their songs remind me of my old love memories, heart breaks and moving on.

I first had fallen in love with Air Supply's on a public bus heading to Davao City with my former boyfriend. With fingers intertwined, head resting on his shoulder and with music aired, everything seemed magical and heavenly that I could only wish it would not end. The emotions then, were quite strong that I felt too consumed. Nothing and no one mattered except US that I lost my best friend in the process and ignored my parents' strong resistance since he was of a different religion. I guess at that time, love for me was
to give all even if it meant losing myself and beating the odds. The music like Come What May, Lost in Love, and Having You Near Me spoke the very feeling I had for this guy. I came to set my mind that I would eventually have a lifetime with him.

Love songs and moon dancing made every word of " I LOVE YOU " more than just words; Somehow, it felt that anything can be done as long as we were together. I indeed hang on to those words until he left me to pursue his dreams. He gave me a bond ring to keep and to remind me to just hold on until we could be together again. Long distance relationship seemed fine to us both until the regular calls were scarce and eventually, heartless.

As I consumed my pain through friends, drinking and karaoke singing,
Air Supply's songs made the loss more bleak and dragging that tears and emptiness seemed to be part of everything. How can songs be so sad? I simply cried that out.

And when I thought I could not get over him, my childhood sweetheart persistently pursued me. I just had to let go of my old love and moved on that I decided to make it anew. And, to mark this commitment, I gave up my old bond ring and simply bid goodbye.

I have my own family now although my marriage has its lapses and would dream what would have been if I married someone else, I could only wish that my old love had his dreams fulfilled and happy with his life.

However, realization came too that I simply love my husband more. And, what I thought was a great love was replaced by much undefined emotions, too intense.

And when GenSan News Online Mag announced Air Supply Concert in GenSan, I can't help but be filled by memories again. I can't thank enough my family's favorite, Grab A Crab Restaurant and Dream Ventures as the producers. The concert will surely bring everyone down to memory lane of their own love songs that spelled their love stories.

And when I was asked from What Air Supply Song Are You? Blog Contest,
POWER of LOVE will be on the top of my favorites. The song tells me that as long as my husband and I remain in love, not even our past love can haunt and consume us. It makes me fall in love again and again and say " I DO" once more without inch of regret or remorse.

So, thank you all sponsors for bringing great love songs, for rekindling good memories of loving and for giving more sparks and meaning to LOVE and MUSIC.

Their sponsors include the City Government of Gensan, GenSan City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ABS-CBN, O MISO Hardware, San Miguel Corporation, Coca Cola Bottlers, East Asia Royale Hotel, Coffee Dream, Giacominos, NY Fries and DIps, Gaisano Gensan and Georgia Printing Press.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Father on Shark’s Oil

I am no medical person but I don’t believe too on alternative medicines. So, my medicine cabinet is all filled my commercial medicines.

We normally give my father vitamins for adults to at least increase their resistance and hasten eating and sleeping conditions. However, lately we failed to bring him his old vitamins that he has been complaining of deprived sleep. He happened to get few tabs of shark’s oil as vitamin supplement. I told him to be watchful of the effects like what we read from supplement and diet pills review.

After three days of use, he is claiming of a better sleeping pattern. If this is due to that shark’s oil, I really don’t know. We can only be careful from fake and/or harmful medicines.


Sister and Nephew Going Home, Finally!

With my nephew and sister!

After a month of vacation in Manila, my younger sibling, Tammy and her kid Ziggy will finally go home next week. Everyone in the house simply miss them a lot, the wailing most of the time.hahahhaha!

Well, we can't wait to have them soon.


Friends with Loved Ones Battling Illness and Death

Forgive my title but even friends who are in grim condition can make you worried too. I had that experience when my childhood best friend’s mother was afflicted by diabetes and complications. My best friend had to endure the financial crisis for her mom’s medication and therapy until her mother died.

The pain of loss was heavy even for us who have known the mother since our grade school years. But, even if we could not provide miracles for her mother, I think the moral support and presence would suffice. I guess one can only test a relationship through extreme situations.

Diabetes and colon cancer have consumed a lot of Filipinos and have pained loved ones. There are some medications for diabetes and colon cancer including colonix but the thing is all these types of medicines should be well reviewed for its potency and effectiveness.

The idea then, is for friends to stick through and through regardless of the occasion, may it be a moment of grief or celebration.


My Ben 10 Kid

My son is quite hooked to watching movies. He is however, addicted to watching Power Rangers and lately, BEN 10. We were able to buy all the episodes from Season 1 to Season 6. Gosh, he must have watched these CD’s the thousandth time.

He was even more excited since he has toys that are all BEN 10. Just recently, he wanted to make me buy him a pair of light-emitting eyewears from BEN 10. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

I don’t know why he would just stick to these films and not something else. I thing for sure, he knows what he wants and will want in the future.hahahhaha!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Need A Bigger House

When we decided to go back to my old home, we decided to maximize our compound by constructing a new structure for my family and sisters. However, with recession and masteral schooling, I decided to put off the construction until enough resources are saved.

But, I quite miss the old house where the bathroom is as big as my bedroom now. We could lavish our bathroom time whenever we soaked inside our bathtubs or cool shower. My kid would even consider our tub as a pool.

So, we quite miss this kind of comfort in our new home. If resources will permit, I would want my bathroom better.

We praise more hotels and establishments if we see their bathrooms all clean, well-designed and chic. Whenever we check out furnitures and fixtures, I normally see designs for bathrooms.

It is only nice to know that even bathroom fixtures are sold online. If tubs, jacuzzis, bathroom suits, furnitures, taps or bathroom-related stuffs are needed, a mouse-click can do the talking. The bathrooms site offers delivery of any bathroom requirement in any area in United Kingdom.

There are a number of online stores, but what makes this bathroom site more special is that they have their bathroom showrooms and they offer after sales support just in case you are having problems with your purchases.

The rates are quite reasonable and more importantly, they offer great sales on their products. Their customers are quite satisfied that demands for bathroom needs simply increase over the years.

I indeed need better services and products for my money's worth. So, this site can really be considered!


Ailing Kid

My kid is sick of tonsillitis and the usual complaints include fever and throat pains. I am only worried that my quite active son has become weak and lost his quite active appetite. He however, ordered ice cream and some milk yogurt.

I had to bring him to his pedia yesterday for some meds and he has to be absent from his classes since I don’t want him to mentally work while he is sick since that is not also healthy.

I only am sad that I have to leave him while mommy shall head to work.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Living in Distant Places

The problem with the Philippines is that our country is basically composed of hundreds of islands that it makes it more difficult to travel from one area to another. We make use of land, air and water travels just to get to where we should be.

Last time, my father and husband have to travel two days from Zamboanga City via Cagayan de Oro to General Santos City through our family van. They brought a lot of stuffs from old home.

However, with the looming presence of a new business, I wish we can bring other equipment from the old house but my husband only rode through his big bike all the way from Zamboanga City.

It is quite sad that cross country movers are not at all popular in the Philippines unlike in abroad. It will be quite convenient if these service vehicles are just around. My family in Wisconsin make use of these a lot.


Unemployed Soon

Come October 1, I shall be officially unemployed except for my blogging works. I did turn in my resignation paper and my kid and I were simply excited that we can have more time with one another. I only feel sorry that he is sick today. I was however, surprised that he is indeed counting the days that I shall be his fulltime mom instead of the working mom he would only see in the evening. Sigh.

But, it is never too late to catch up. So, I shall look forward to the day that I shall be spending much time with my kid and with the business my siblings and I shall start and operate.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Need to Drive Regularly

Whenever my guts allow me, I do bring our motorbike for a drive but I still feel anxious when I drive that I avoid roads with heavy traffic. Also, I don't drive around the city that much. I even envy my younger sister who is all gutsy in driving.

What I dread much is the driving at night when some of the roads are not at all well lit. I wish that the road lights can be as strong as halo headlights so drivers won't really be that vision lost.

Now, that my husband shall be bringing along another motorbike, that leaves me to the old bike that I have to drive it regularly.

But, I have to be all brave and courageous otherwise I shall remain a passenger only with a driver's license. hahahhaha! Come tomorrow, I shall bring the motorbike again with my sister along.


Family Heading Home

My husband who was away for three (3) to send off his brother and his family for USA shall be arriving tomorrow by driving the SLR 250 motorbike all the way from Zamboanga City-Pagadian-Iligan-Cagayan de Oro-Bukidnon-Davao and finally, General Santos City. It shall be a two-day long and tiring lone travel.

It kinda pissed me that he did dare to travel alone on a motorbike. tsk! tsk! tsk! Fear is never in the nerves of any extreme sport enthusiast.

While my sister and her kid shall be arriving too next week after weeks of vacation in Manila.

We are now pretty excited to have the family home. The house will surely be more noisy but we wont wish otherwise. May they have all safe travels home.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Healthy Family Stays Together

When our former president, Corazon Aquino died of colon cancer, our entire nation grieved. Cancer is not at all selective of its patients, regardless of social stature or financial prowess. Thus, it is always important that we take care of ourselves.

My mom endures high blood pressure always that we reprimand her of unhealthy diet. We don’t want to lose our loved ones to sickness nor accidents, so, prevention is rather than cure, right?

But, can all cancers like colon be remedied in early stage? I guess so, therapies like colon cleanser can make a difference specifically, on early stages of cancer. Nowadays, most of the illnesses are brought by wrong choice of lifestyles. We can only be vigilant.


I Shall Be A Godmother! What?

Our little bundle of joy!

My nephew, Ziggy will have his christening this Sunday. We miss the little bugger, his wails and laughs.hahahahh! But, we can’t join my younger sisters in the occasion since they are in Manila. We just have to settle then for pictures and perhaps, some online chat calls.

I am one on the godmothers so, my sister simply asked me to pitch in as gift.yikes! hahahahha!

I only pray my nephew will grow God-fearing above all else.