Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Family Business on Mall Exhibit Again

The Mall Exhibit last Summer 2009

On Monday, we shall be joining the rest of the businessmen in a mall exhibit in Gaisano Gensan. We have been waiting for our permanent mall space but the structures are not yet built so, we can settle first for an exhibit now and then. I wish to join too in Davao Bazaars, I just have to ask my friend to help me with the procedures.

During our First Mall Exhibit

We shall have to prepare our display racks, bags, fashion accessories, perfumes, sandals, flip flops and apparel. We must however, buy more stocks to replenish including Naot shoes for others who want stylish and quality footwear.

I just have to finish my last three days at my job, then, I shall be officially unemployed on October 1 and get busy with the exhibit and with the family around. I can get my kid to visit me at the mall and have fun together.



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