Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friends with Loved Ones Battling Illness and Death

Forgive my title but even friends who are in grim condition can make you worried too. I had that experience when my childhood best friend’s mother was afflicted by diabetes and complications. My best friend had to endure the financial crisis for her mom’s medication and therapy until her mother died.

The pain of loss was heavy even for us who have known the mother since our grade school years. But, even if we could not provide miracles for her mother, I think the moral support and presence would suffice. I guess one can only test a relationship through extreme situations.

Diabetes and colon cancer have consumed a lot of Filipinos and have pained loved ones. There are some medications for diabetes and colon cancer including colonix but the thing is all these types of medicines should be well reviewed for its potency and effectiveness.

The idea then, is for friends to stick through and through regardless of the occasion, may it be a moment of grief or celebration.



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