Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Need to Drive Regularly

Whenever my guts allow me, I do bring our motorbike for a drive but I still feel anxious when I drive that I avoid roads with heavy traffic. Also, I don't drive around the city that much. I even envy my younger sister who is all gutsy in driving.

What I dread much is the driving at night when some of the roads are not at all well lit. I wish that the road lights can be as strong as halo headlights so drivers won't really be that vision lost.

Now, that my husband shall be bringing along another motorbike, that leaves me to the old bike that I have to drive it regularly.

But, I have to be all brave and courageous otherwise I shall remain a passenger only with a driver's license. hahahhaha! Come tomorrow, I shall bring the motorbike again with my sister along.



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