Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Living in Distant Places

The problem with the Philippines is that our country is basically composed of hundreds of islands that it makes it more difficult to travel from one area to another. We make use of land, air and water travels just to get to where we should be.

Last time, my father and husband have to travel two days from Zamboanga City via Cagayan de Oro to General Santos City through our family van. They brought a lot of stuffs from old home.

However, with the looming presence of a new business, I wish we can bring other equipment from the old house but my husband only rode through his big bike all the way from Zamboanga City.

It is quite sad that cross country movers are not at all popular in the Philippines unlike in abroad. It will be quite convenient if these service vehicles are just around. My family in Wisconsin make use of these a lot.



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