Sunday, September 20, 2009

Only Love Through the Years

Every love song is a story but not all love songs can be as sentimental, true, and soul-piercing like the songs of Air Supply. The band may have started way back 1970's but their soft rock love songs overwhelmed generations after generations. Their songs remind me of my old love memories, heart breaks and moving on.

I first had fallen in love with Air Supply's on a public bus heading to Davao City with my former boyfriend. With fingers intertwined, head resting on his shoulder and with music aired, everything seemed magical and heavenly that I could only wish it would not end. The emotions then, were quite strong that I felt too consumed. Nothing and no one mattered except US that I lost my best friend in the process and ignored my parents' strong resistance since he was of a different religion. I guess at that time, love for me was
to give all even if it meant losing myself and beating the odds. The music like Come What May, Lost in Love, and Having You Near Me spoke the very feeling I had for this guy. I came to set my mind that I would eventually have a lifetime with him.

Love songs and moon dancing made every word of " I LOVE YOU " more than just words; Somehow, it felt that anything can be done as long as we were together. I indeed hang on to those words until he left me to pursue his dreams. He gave me a bond ring to keep and to remind me to just hold on until we could be together again. Long distance relationship seemed fine to us both until the regular calls were scarce and eventually, heartless.

As I consumed my pain through friends, drinking and karaoke singing,
Air Supply's songs made the loss more bleak and dragging that tears and emptiness seemed to be part of everything. How can songs be so sad? I simply cried that out.

And when I thought I could not get over him, my childhood sweetheart persistently pursued me. I just had to let go of my old love and moved on that I decided to make it anew. And, to mark this commitment, I gave up my old bond ring and simply bid goodbye.

I have my own family now although my marriage has its lapses and would dream what would have been if I married someone else, I could only wish that my old love had his dreams fulfilled and happy with his life.

However, realization came too that I simply love my husband more. And, what I thought was a great love was replaced by much undefined emotions, too intense.

And when GenSan News Online Mag announced Air Supply Concert in GenSan, I can't help but be filled by memories again. I can't thank enough my family's favorite, Grab A Crab Restaurant and Dream Ventures as the producers. The concert will surely bring everyone down to memory lane of their own love songs that spelled their love stories.

And when I was asked from What Air Supply Song Are You? Blog Contest,
POWER of LOVE will be on the top of my favorites. The song tells me that as long as my husband and I remain in love, not even our past love can haunt and consume us. It makes me fall in love again and again and say " I DO" once more without inch of regret or remorse.

So, thank you all sponsors for bringing great love songs, for rekindling good memories of loving and for giving more sparks and meaning to LOVE and MUSIC.

Their sponsors include the City Government of Gensan, GenSan City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ABS-CBN, O MISO Hardware, San Miguel Corporation, Coca Cola Bottlers, East Asia Royale Hotel, Coffee Dream, Giacominos, NY Fries and DIps, Gaisano Gensan and Georgia Printing Press.



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