Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Having Our Own Place

When we decided to go back home to General Santos City, together with my younger sibling, we all wanted to have our own house just within the family's home lot. We started building the house of two rooms and concrete structure. We wish to place some good roofs and ceramic tiles to at least make it more homey and presentable.

But, when I started the business and my masteral schooling, my resources were all drained that I put a halt on the construction. But, the old house is getting smaller with three kids, my other siblings, and cousin and helpers.

I wish I can have enough savings again to continue the house construction.


We Are Back on Business

I started my sweet corn selling when my RTW was not doing well during our mall exhibit. The sales were meager but they were steady. And, when we transferred the mall exhibit to outside of the mall, we decided to stop first the sweet corn selling.

However, the sales again had been small that we are back to selling sweet corn again. Problem is we are also buying our own share of the corn. hhahahahha!

After my blog update, we shall bring the corn again to it's place.


Family Catching Up

My husband took the day off to spend the day with me as I just arrived from a few days of out of town. And, since it is my mother's birthday, we might as well enjoy the rest of the day.

But, after 24 hours of no sleep and sitting during bus drives through six cities, I could feel my body all aching and my eyes are all swollen that I shall look for some eye wrinkle cream to improve my zombie appearance.

After, some blog updates, we shall all head to the store and check what else can be done. It is simply so nice to be back home again.


The Greatest Woman I Have Known myspace graphic comments
Twitter Backgrounds
I just arrived from Zamboanga City after a few days to attend to my orthodontics therapy. And, I was all adamant to go home that I took the 24-hour bus drive. Gosh, I was dead tired when I arrived home.

However, on my way home, I just remembered that Oct 28 is my "nanay's" big day. I pretty remembered she had hard time raising us her kids. hehehhehe! But, I always love her and will always love her. She is my greatest woman!

Happy birthday nanay! Geez, what will I buy her for a gift?


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Travel and More Travel For Us!

We like to travel a lot and we simply enjoy the luxury of scenery, good food, new and old friends and more. We have been to different cities by land, boat and plane and the experience is always unique and memorable.

But, what we normally do not like about the long travel is the engine trouble that the boat or car would experience, well of course, I hate airplane engine troubles most! We don't mind where we sleep provided that we would just be safe and somehow, convenient. We tried tents, motels, friend's house and more.

Now that holidays are coming, vacations and Pilgrimage Rome are few of the things people do worldwide. As a Catholic, I wish to bring my family to Rome and just stay even at rome apartments for cheaper rates. A travel to Spain and a stay in hotel barcelona will be much much fun too.

Travel does not only bring forth much enjoyment but also great learnings from the different experiences one will have. It will be more fun if one can try the delicacy of every destination city or country one will go to.

But, how I wish I can see the landmarks of each city and enjoy its festivals too. Bringing some cameras for some memories would be a big MUST.

I will be traveling by land tomorrow and I hope I can enjoy every scenery along the way.


I Am Stranded!!!

Gosh! I never thought that my travel to Zamboanga City will cause not only much financial expenses but so much inconvenience too. The ferry that is supposed to bring me back home has called up home in Gensan and texted me of the travel cancellation until November 23. Waaaaaaaaah!!!!

I must however, head home tomorrow by land travel for 24 hours instead of waiting for Friday for a plane travel at similar costs but with wasted time. I kinda miss my family from few days of being away from them. Staying here made me spend more to fill my time. Gosh, I am incurring costs more than I should that I prefer to take earliest flight home.

I only wish that the travel will be safe tomorrow.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kids in the Family

Since I am out of town for few days, my kid and nephew have been bugging me for their gifts. I can only buy them some good toys at cheaper rates.

However, I am having difficulty buying for safety products and toys for my one - year old nephew. I quite remember that when my kid was growing up, I kinda baby - proof the house.

So, when I was asked for another baby, I told them, I had enough experience to last for a lifetime. I only pray that the kids will grow healthy and always safe from harm.


Missing My Family

I have been away from my family for four days now and I quite miss them a lot. I spent most of my time catching up with old friends after my orthodontics treatment and mall window shopping in between. hehehheheh!

I only manage to connect with the family through text and calls and now online chats.

Boy, I cant wait that it will be Monday so I can go home and be with them.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunday at the Park Again

After weeks of laid back life and busy days from the business, we decided to drag our butts to the park for a jogging and inline skating.

I feel so sluggish when I grow weights that I really want to shed off the extra bulges. I wish I can try weight loss pills for fast results but I also know that exercise and diet should complement any other weight loss solution.

We were only happy that my other sibling, nephews, and kid joined me for an exercise at early morning at our local park. I can only wish I can sustain the regular exercise.


Busy Busy Family!

When we pulled out from our mall exhibit, we thought we can resume to our usual routine but I want to maximize the opportunity of the coming holidays that I convinced my sibling, Tammy to take one stall from the exhibit just around the mall premises.

So, after we rearranged the boutique from ours weeks of mall exhibit, we shall be buzzing around again for another exhibit. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I shall however, be back to the busy busy days of attending to 2 stores. We can only hope that we shall do better with the smaller rent that we have to pay from the exhibit.

But come next Tuesday, I shall be off to Zamboanga City for my orthodontics therapy. tsk ! tsk! tsk! At least, I shall have a break and rest from everything.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obesity in the Family

My husband, kid and sister on a morning fun with their inline blades

My family is quite lean although, we gain additional weights here and there but still we go around the average weight for any person at our age and height.

But, I am quite worried with my kid who is bigger than his usual age. He is quite physically active and runs like hell but he could not lose that bigness.

My acquaintances would say that he is after his father who is also big. So, whenever we can, we go to a park for my kid's play time or exercise with his in-line blades or bike. I know he is too young for diet pills or something. I just have to know accurately from diet pill reviews for kids and with obesity problems.


Is Your Family Dysfunctional?

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Your family isn't perfect, but everyone's pretty good at working things out.

There's probably been a bit of family drama in your past... and who's to say it's over?

As long as your family communicates openly and respects one another everything should be fine.

Everyone in your family does love one another. They just may not be so good at showing it.


We Wish We Could Join Mindanao Bloggers Summit

Official MBS 3 logo

My family previously joined the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit in General Santos City last year. There were more than a hundred who joined the event. And, we only wish we can join the MBS 3 in Cagayan de Oro City. However, my kid will have his school play on October 24, the same day that the event will take place.

Last year's event was an all-free that we kinda expect to have the same scenario for MBS 3 but unfortunately, resources are not enough.

I wonder how much are the hotel rates in CDO or in new orleans hotels among other tourist areas.

For those who are interested to join in the summit, click here to pre-register.


My Blogging Family

with fellow bloggers (from left to right): my sister, Kwaster, Kuya Norman, our Ms. Gensan, Ate Jinky, Cindy

on a Side A Band Concert

When I started blogging last year through Mindanao Bloggers Summit last year, I seemed to have acquired a new family too. Whenever there is an occasion for us to meet, we simply convene in one place and just dine and catch up with updates.

We also meet oftentimes in concerts held in the city with tickets as freebies. So, yesterday during the SOCCSKSARGEN Grand Eye Ball, we quite met a lot of new and old bloggers as far as Marbel and a balikbayan from USA.

We just can't wait until next gathering and fun.


We Hate Allergies!

Allergy is set to be hereditary. My mom has that illness and so, it simply run among us children. We quite have different allergy attacks; mine is the colds early morning and the rashes when it is pretty cold, and unceasing sneezes from dusts. My other sibling got their asthma too.

My kid and husband have their individual allergy set - offs. Although, there is no medication yet to eliminate allergy for good, somehow, medicines are there to prevent or correct the symptoms.

There are allergy and colon cleanse review that may seem beneficial to at least prevent the occurrence of attacks because severe allergy illness may be too difficult to contain.

It is just irritating to endure this allergy when you know you are better off without it.


Exam, Exhibit and Sickness For Us

My kid and nephew
Mall exhibit again for us!

My kid and nephew will have their second quarterly exam starting Monday until Friday and because we have our mall exhibit in 2 malls, I am not yet done with their reviewer. We all go home and sleep late that moving another inch is already too much to ask for. We are all getting afflicted with flu and colds.

We shall however, pull out our stocks from one mall today and then, stop the exhibit next Friday from the other mall. Perhaps, by then, we can all resume to our regular routine and rest more.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Deciding as a Family on Business

When we opened our botique this year, my sister and I agreed to manage the store both especially if we shall be getting mall spaces.

We pretty did not like the exhibit arrangement and I have been getting feedbacks to be part of Gaisano for good.

We do get tired of the long exhibits and truly they drain us personally especially the sales have been scarce.

I need to refer to business plan consultants so papers can start working for legal reasons.

We could only hope that the mall space can be granted so we dont have to join exhibits in the future.


A Date with Side A Band

Few of the wacky bloggers in Gensan City

The Side A Band artists with Joey as the Lead Singer

The pasaway girls including Mommy-Tita!

These are just very few of the pictures we got from the September concert of Side A band. We simply forgot the pics until one fellow blogger reminded me. hahahhaha!

We sure had fun enjoying our VIP concert tickets.


Monday, October 5, 2009

In and Out Traffic at Robinsons Mall

star-studded Opening Month for Robinsons Mall in General Santos City

October 5, 2009 is the Grand Opening Day of Robinsons Mall and the place was sure packed by hundreds of people. We took advantage of the opening day by joining the exhibit along their hallway.

There were a number of stalls selling rackmount lcd,apparel, food, appliances, cars, real estate among others.

The opening day was highlighted by local concerts in and outside of the mall. I missed the celebrities as I manned the Gaisano mall exhibit. Well, at least, we have another place to wander around.


Loooooooooong Day and Night Every Day

Since we started the mall exhibit, we have been all consumed day and night. We have been sleeping past 1 am since last Thursday. Gosh, I could actually feel my eyes burning and toes complaining of over stress and fatigue but under sleep.

The exhibit will run until next week. Only then, we can be more relaxed. We could actually hire extra help, but that would be added expense. I guess, when I will be back to teaching, I have to have someone man the store and simply oversee it.

I really wish for extra long sleep in the coming days.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

How Debt Can Make Any Person Insane

With economic recession, people worldwide had lost their jobs, experienced price hikes on all basic commodities that they can only resort to finding additional job to supplement their present earnings or to using their credit cards to purchase or cash advance or pay off bills.

It is always easy to acquire a new credit card and purchase just anything with the fast swipe. However, I can only feel the pressure of these credit cards when billing statements come in and I have little to pay off other bills and to buy house needs.

Although, when people acquire credit cards, they must take full responsibility to pay off their dues. Worst, they acquire more credit cards and simply lose themselves in deep debt.

When I realized that the credit card is tempting me to overspend, I started leaving it at home and enclosed elsewhere so, I won't have to use it impulsively.

It is but, saddening that there are indeed others who go for loans from different agencies just to address their needs that even their paycheck is already on the custody of the creditors.

So, it is nice to know that there is an agency who makes use of debt consolidation. You may want to know, what is debt consolidation. It is a technique where all your credits or debts from auto, credit cards, personal or house loans, mortgage are combined into one while the debt consolidator handles the rest of the creditors at reasonable rates.

To consolidate debt, it reduces the hassles of keeping all the records from different creditors and reducing your interest rates at incredibly lower rates.

If we are all just informed and responsible debtors, we can actually negotiate for our debts so we can keep our reputation intact and to save us from getting demand letters.


I Let My Parent Date with Air Supply

My Parents who had close encounters with Air Supply Duo
on their Mindanao Concert last October 2, 2009 in General Santos City

I had asked my sister, Tammy and my partner to join me in the Air Supply Concert's blog contest to win VIP tickets and extra tickets for my parents and the gang.

I did win the VIP tickets and I gave these up for my parents so, they can watch the concert afront while my partner and I stayed next to the ceiling of the gymnasium with the rest of audience.

My folks simply had great time and that they are asking when the next concert be. hahahhahah! I miss the up close and personal viewing with the artists but no regrets for letting my parents have fun!