Sunday, October 25, 2009

Travel and More Travel For Us!

We like to travel a lot and we simply enjoy the luxury of scenery, good food, new and old friends and more. We have been to different cities by land, boat and plane and the experience is always unique and memorable.

But, what we normally do not like about the long travel is the engine trouble that the boat or car would experience, well of course, I hate airplane engine troubles most! We don't mind where we sleep provided that we would just be safe and somehow, convenient. We tried tents, motels, friend's house and more.

Now that holidays are coming, vacations and Pilgrimage Rome are few of the things people do worldwide. As a Catholic, I wish to bring my family to Rome and just stay even at rome apartments for cheaper rates. A travel to Spain and a stay in hotel barcelona will be much much fun too.

Travel does not only bring forth much enjoyment but also great learnings from the different experiences one will have. It will be more fun if one can try the delicacy of every destination city or country one will go to.

But, how I wish I can see the landmarks of each city and enjoy its festivals too. Bringing some cameras for some memories would be a big MUST.

I will be traveling by land tomorrow and I hope I can enjoy every scenery along the way.



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