Friday, November 20, 2009

Family on More Store Exhibits

This weekend, we shall have a dry run of cooking the finger foods we shall be selling next week. The store exhibit shall be a new one for our food ideas and it will run for a week. We shall however, prepare the tent, get some tools and clamps in a way that the tent will hold through wind, rain and heat. Our major problem now is that the days have been raining. We may be facing harder weather conditions unless we get prepared for any situation.

Further, after the week's exhibit, we will have the same store exhibit for a month starting December 4 at city's local area.

The mall lease shall soon take place in December. Gosh, we shall be running loose with works left and right.


Family Bond Time Again

When the family and friends wanted to have a nature's photo shoot, we simply hit the road and had fun. The picture above was one of the shoots at the municipal park.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Want A Short Car

The family has a town ace van and I did practice driving it. However, I simply got scared moving it on the busy roads thinking that I shall hit other vehicles. I don't want to drive the motorbike too because the risks are greater especially if I drive alone. Further, I don't like the extreme heat or rain with all my bags along.

I did tell my younger sibling that we should save for a small car to drive us around the city but it shall be a while before I can fully save for a vehicle and its auto insurance as precaution.

Perhaps with strict savings, hard work, owning a car can be possible. I may ask my other siblings to invest on this property soon.


Family and Friends

The SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS during First Eye Ball at Robinson's Plaza, General Santos City

I got these pictures dig and I can't only wait when I get to see them again for another hang out and fun. Two of my other family members are bloggers too and in this date, I was able to tag along my kid. hahahhah!


My Younger Sister's Getting Married

My younger sibling who is an Electrical Engineer in Manila is actually engaged and plans to get married next year in Baguio City.

Since the entire family is here in General Santos City, it shall be very costly to go for long travels by boat or plane. My mother then recommended traveling through our family van using an updated map and reliable gps to guide us through.

My pop knows how to drive a four - wheel vehicle and so is my partner, but the travel to Baguio shall be a long way that I need to learn how to drive too to take turns with them.

My younger sister shall be quite delighted to see us all especially on her big day. I only wish the family van gets better and my driving skill improves.


No Family Time Again

When I resigned from office job, I thought it would be lighter to attend to the family, business and part time job. But, for someone who is restless and have so much work at hand, 24/7 time is never enough for rest, fun and more family bonding.

I get to enjoy attending to my kid's morning needs before he goes to school. But, after that, I am filled with blogging, programming, teaching and business. tsk tsk tsk tsk !

I guess by next year, I can just handle 1 subject so I can manage my free time well with my business and family.

I can only hope for more time for fun and rest.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coffee Family

Every morning is spent with cups of coffee. Only the kids will take a chocolate drink. This has been the regular scenario. Most of the time, we consume two (2) cups of coffee a day.

I remembered when my graduate school buddy joined me during comprehensive exam reviews, we filled the day with books and cups of flavored coffees and donuts.

I want my coffee usually creamy and flavored. I am so in love with it that I wish to learn how to make coffees with Capresso as equipment.

Our old home grows coffee trees in our backyard and most often, the coffee beans are gone to waste because they are not processed. Drinking coffee is sweet and relaxing, making coffee on the other hand, stressing but interesting.

I always love its fragrant aroma!


Family on Variable Investment

We are quite particular with how our future can be less risks especially for my kid. His grandma got him a college educational plan. However, with the risks of pre - need insurance companies, we can only be more worried as other family were fooled by other pre - need insurance providers.

We were quite impulsive especially in terms of food that savings is least of our concerns. I wish to save a little for my kid and somehow, a fellow mother introduced Pru Life UK, specifically the variable investments one can take.

My husband and I have applied for an educational insurance just in case his old plan will not be sufficient.

The investment is quite small, but somehow, I know that it will be more valuable if invested and saved somewhere else.


A Cousin To Stay With Us

My cousin decided to resign from her work after acquiring recurring allergy from her job. She was advised medically to stop working so to keep her free from her skin disease. However, this means losing her almost a decade of job.

She did look for some cheap apartments for rent to start anew but, the high costs restrain her. Thus, she decided to come home and stay with us.

She somehow helps us running with the household chores. And, we are simply glad to have her with us. My mom and I can however, give her allowance. I hope she wont get bored with us.


Monday, November 16, 2009

The Kids Were on Stack Competition

Last November 15, 2009, my 16-year old sister and my 7-year old son joined the first Stack Competition in the city. We actually bought the stacks set for their practice.

More than 20 kids joined that afternoon. However, my kid did not join in the final round since other kids were more fast than but my younger sibling had the chance to make it to the final round.

The kids did not win but they learned one lesson, practice makes you a winner.

Here is one video of the world's fastest stacker in the world. He can complete all the cycles in less than a minute. whew! He happens to be a Filipino - American. Yehey!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Family Exercise

We are all back to work and school and after a week of vacation for everyone, funny though that the clothes we usually wear are now tighter. We went to the park twice this week where my husband and kid spent the early morning on their inline blades while I jogged around.

My kid kept on saying he lost weight pounds already since he exercised. I could only applaud his efforts and encourage him to do regular fat burner with his blades, bikes and playmates.

My husband and I on the other hand, are finding the time to go to the gym for some weight loss through the equipment and aerobics.


Working Family Members

I was about to be totally unemployed this November when my old school decided not to hire back a resigned employee even for a part-time arrangement. Don’t get me wrong though because I worked well and competently.

I guess people just have hard time letting go of people that when they leave, the circumstances are assessed subjectively.

I was totally sad but my husband and kid were more excited to have me as a fulltime mom and wife. I can only be more relieved. I guess when priorities are clearly defined, sometimes a problem may become an opportunity too.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

We Are Back to School!

I need this!

Tomorrow shall be the official class day for us at college and since I decided to go back to school and teach, I wanted to bring our motorbike as a service vehicle. However, the extreme hot weather in the Philippines does not help at all with my poor vision.

So, I need more good pair of sunglasses and I got a nice pair from online. They have a wide selection from their New Arrivals starting at $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses.

And since, Christmas season is coming, they have cool Holiday Fun Eyeglasses too for everyone.

I wish I can be more confident with myself in teaching and in driving. My family should still have to go with me.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Family's Fave Movies and 100 Movies Must See!

The family loves to watch movies and there are simply a number of movies that I won't get bored reseeing again.

Here are our fave titles:
1. Fast and Furious
2. Zorro
3. Entrapment
4. Pretty Woman
5. Bridget Jones
6. All James Bond movies
7. National Treasures
8. Jaws
9. Jurassic Park
10. Harry Potter
11. Twilight
12. Transformers
13. Ice Age
14. Toy Story
15. Armageddon
16. George of the Jungle
17. Spiderman
18. Superman
19. All Jackie Chan movies
20.and etc and etc.

Goodness, we must have seen a number of stuffs. hahahhahah!

But here are the 100 movies recommended by Yahoo! Movies staff that we should see before we hit the grave.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Self-Driving Again for Us

Now, it is back to school and office work, my sister, Tammy and I are back to attending to the business ourselves. But, I have to drive the motorbike myself and bring my sibling to her store location while I head to the other store. Geez, I simply get nervous driving alone than with having a passenger by my side. hahahhahah!

It is really quite different when you try something new when you are quite very old. It seems like phobias and skin wrinkles are simply part of the aging problems that I would want anti - phobia and best wrinkle treatment to address most of my concerns.

I asked my sister if she wants to learn driving too, she simply replied a big creepy, 'YIKES!"

I could only focus and relax and pray that my driving will not cause any harm to both sides.


We Are Back to School and Tracking Field

It is November 3 and the entire Philippines is back to regular work and schooling. I had to send off my kid and nephew to school after my husband and I hit the early morning for a the long - over due jogs.

Our college school shall however, resume its classes next Monday. Until then, I can devote the time to business, family and Korean teleseries. hahahhahaah!

I hope I still have the energy to do everything.