Monday, November 2, 2009

Self-Driving Again for Us

Now, it is back to school and office work, my sister, Tammy and I are back to attending to the business ourselves. But, I have to drive the motorbike myself and bring my sibling to her store location while I head to the other store. Geez, I simply get nervous driving alone than with having a passenger by my side. hahahhahah!

It is really quite different when you try something new when you are quite very old. It seems like phobias and skin wrinkles are simply part of the aging problems that I would want anti - phobia and best wrinkle treatment to address most of my concerns.

I asked my sister if she wants to learn driving too, she simply replied a big creepy, 'YIKES!"

I could only focus and relax and pray that my driving will not cause any harm to both sides.



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