Monday, December 28, 2009

Wise Family

I personally believe that saving for the rainy season is only practical and handy. We are not at all elite. We work hard for a living that is why we were taught by our parents to value hard - earned money. 

Further, my mom went out of the social norms for women when she decided to sell practically anything just to help our my soldier father who simply had a modest salary to raise a family.

I quite guess, I acquired that habit from my mom. Any decent job is ok for me and that I believe anything can be achieved, if only I set my mind to it. I wish to acquire real estate properties, whole life insurance  and more for the family. But, it shall take years of hard work, brow and sweat to all of these. 

Living is never easy. Those who are well - off somehow had paid a bigger price to get what they have. I don't wish too much for myself or for my family. I only wish that we live comfortably. 


Would You Be a Cool Parent?

You Will Be a Cool Parent

You seem to naturally know a lot about parenting, and you know what kids need.

You can tell when it's time to let kids off the hook, and when it's time to lay down the law.

While your parenting is modern and hip, it's not over the top.

You know that there's nothing cool about a parent who acts like a teenager... or a drill sergeant!


Fixing Our House

When we decided to go back home and stay for good, the old house looks small for an extended family. Our helpers seem to tired to clean up the mess brought by the kids who just play around with toys and more.

Our little bugger, who has turned one year old only worsens the condition. Gosh, the house is simply chaotic. 

My old room looks constrained too that my husband and my kid all fill  the space, not to mention endless cabinets. 

I wish to redecorate the house, add some vintage pictures, antiques, rugs  and practical fixtures to at least, make it more homey and presentable.

However, we just have to find time since we are practically busy with all the works we have to do. Sigh!


Holiday Reunion For Us

My Family 

My youngest sibling finally went home for the holiday season. Her fiance and her shall stay until New Year's celebration. My folks are and us are simply more than delighted to have the family complete.

We simply enjoy every chance we can have with them since it will be awhile again when we can finally have them for another reunion.

We don't celebrate much during the holidays but we value more that we are all together again, safe and healthy.



Saturday, December 26, 2009

School Classes Soon for the Kids

In about one week, my sister, kid and nephew will soon hit the school as we resume with school classes after a two - week break.

Somehow, they quite enjoy the time when they do not do much except watch TV, play with their friends and toys, wander around the mall and in the city, and man our food stall until midnight.

And, since my other sibling went home for a week of vacation, we can only enjoy the idle time until office and school works resume.

My youngest sister who is in her senior high school normally complains of the endless writing reports that she must do especially that she is graduating.

She oftentimes asks my pop or me to help her but writing is a personal endeavor that we ask her to draft her composition, and I simply edit her works.  Of course, quality is not much expected if you are poor in literature or grammar perhaps. 

So,  it is helpful for the kids and even for the family that there  is custom term paper writing service online that they can buy term paper at reasonable rates and with quality works.  

The custom term paper phd is  free from any form of plagiarism thus, the student can earn a higher grade with less worries and pressures.

In the family we teach hard work and honesty, but sometimes school requirements can be tough especially if they all are due on the same time. Thus, finding an easier remedy particularly for term papers can be quite relieving.

And since graduation time is fast approaching, my youngest sibling can definitely curse the pending requirements she is bound to comply. Poor kid!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Unseen Relative for a Decade

My pop was hailed from the north and he gets to see only his family once a year. And since, travel fare is much in the Philippines, we rarely join him in his trip.

But, one of his nieces went for business trip to General Santos City, and we were only glad to see her and her friend.

We had wandered around the city with the best food and warm welcome.  We wish to however, go to Manila this coming new year on a land travel for a much - due reunion. 

We brought them to the local city for some evening lights and since we had our bazaar exhibit, we only had them with us tagged along. hahhahahha!

My cousin was all teary - eyed when she saw us. hehhehehhehe! Goodness, it's a good 10 years since she saw me, now, married, working and with a big kid. Hahhahah! 


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Grown - Up Kid

When we decided to  join the December bazaar to sell food, we quite stay up late night since daytime is not at all practical for selling since customers do not wander around under the scorching heat of the sun.

But, people traffic starts in the late afternoon until midnight. We tried  sending off our kid to our house early evening and simply slept waiting for us. He finally complained that he should join us in our evening escapade once his school goes on vacation. Consequently, we have to bring him with us until wee hours in the morning. 

We quite adore him whenever he helps out in fixing the tables of the customers after they dine. My kid however, demands that he should get a salary from doing the help. hahhahah!

We wanted to teach the value of money and work that we simply encourage the hired help. His father and I did prepare for his educational plan and we got  another insurance for him. But, I wish I can have personal insurance even through online life insurance  so I can prepare for my retirement or otherwise. 

I don't want that my family will suffer when I am gone or something. It is always nicer to prepare for the rainy days.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

School Exams for the Kids

Every week I get to prepare test questionnaires for my kid and nephew. I have to make two copies of the tests and keep these for their quarterly test.

Whenever I can, I type the questions through my notebook and just save them in my flash disk for my husband to print.

But my drives are all filled up with other business and school documents that I shall be needing a new flash drive again.

I happen to see some Custom usb drive that can be fun to show off. I may have these as gifts this holiday season for my siblings too.

The kids still are on examination this week. So, I have to still use the questionnaires for reviews. My kid then, can enjoy the rest of the week for games and plays.


Just a Happy Time for Us!

As much as possible, I spend time with my kid. We hang around the mall while visiting our store, or dine together and do story telling every night.

I got this picture on a lazy day and just had fun time for picture taking.


Birthdays and Vacation for Loved Ones

My nephew just had his birthday last December 4 but we had not much time to celebrate it. We just have to bond together at our food stall and had simple meals. My mom just bought him and my kid toys for gifts.

But, December has been a month of parties, vacations and special occasions. No wonder there are invitations like wedding invitations that go around the corner.

We were invited too to join already reunions and my sister just committed to attend to her old high school.

We cant wait to have the vacation and just enjoy the long time for rest in spite of the hectic works we have to work through.


Getting Busier Every Day!

When I resigned from my 8-hour job to concentrate on business and part - time job, I thought I will have greater time. But, there is not really enough time for a business person. Sigh!!!! 24/7 is not really enough for me.

Every morning, the family gets wacky when we prepare the kids for school. I spend the morning in our boutique, while I go to school in the afternoon. I head then to our food stall to check on what they need, head home and then go back to the food stall again, blog in the late evening and doze off for 5-6 hours. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

The family helps around with the kids and the store, so the burden is lighter. I just dont have time though.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Poor Family Van

Since we brought the family van from Zambaonga City to General Santos City through two days of land travel, it has become the family service of the entire family.

Whenever the big family decides to shop around the malls or go to sight seeing or bring stocks to and fro the old store and to the exhibit area, the van has remained enduring.

But, we are quite alarmed with its cranky noise and unroof garage. How I wish I can finallly finish the house and create a decent garage with a nice garage floor to complement.

Until then,, we can only take care of the van and cure its symptoms whenever we can. But, should we decide to go for a very long travel, it has to go through a serious mechanical check.


The New Business Drives the Family Crazy

Since we are new with food carts, we quite have a struggling time. The first was when we had to make a good tent for the new business exhibit. Good thing, a co-exhibitor/friend helped us with the tent construction.

Further, my parents and siblings had to help us with the other nitty gritty of what should be prepared and done.

After hours of selling together with our sales assistant, we are dead tired that we missed to celebrate the birthday of my nephew.

I must however, ask the family for a weekend off at daytime since the kids will have their quarter exams.

Geez, I really like to sleep already.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Family Goes To Food Selling!

From the RTW and furniture business, we decided to diversify our resources by going into food carts of finger foods that are nutritious and healthy at the same time.

We started with our corn, fries and tuna-valued food in the last exhibits we did at the mall and in the MunaTo bazaar, the earnings were really not that big but at least, it was steady and regular.

With our busy schedules and left - and - right affairs, we miss watching movies from our computers and big tubes. I wish to read the Twilight series too. It shall be pretty exciting to watch the new Twilight movies through Samsung HDTV with popcorns and drinks to relax.

After this holiday season, our business affairs will slow down. Until then, we shall be pretty busy.


Done With Exhibits But Another One To Go

the most recent mall exhibit with my sister, Tammy

We are through with the mall exhibit in Gaisano and the MunaTo bazaar in Alabel. They were done simultaneously although the MunaTo exhibit only took 6 days, the family was consumed by busy travels going to and fro one store to another.

Although, we are back to our usual course, we shall be quite busy again as we have another exhibit in the city's local plaza with food carts to boost. Also, the Gaisano permanent space shall fill us with government papers and building renovation.

Wish us luck!!!!