Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Grown - Up Kid

When we decided to  join the December bazaar to sell food, we quite stay up late night since daytime is not at all practical for selling since customers do not wander around under the scorching heat of the sun.

But, people traffic starts in the late afternoon until midnight. We tried  sending off our kid to our house early evening and simply slept waiting for us. He finally complained that he should join us in our evening escapade once his school goes on vacation. Consequently, we have to bring him with us until wee hours in the morning. 

We quite adore him whenever he helps out in fixing the tables of the customers after they dine. My kid however, demands that he should get a salary from doing the help. hahhahah!

We wanted to teach the value of money and work that we simply encourage the hired help. His father and I did prepare for his educational plan and we got  another insurance for him. But, I wish I can have personal insurance even through online life insurance  so I can prepare for my retirement or otherwise. 

I don't want that my family will suffer when I am gone or something. It is always nicer to prepare for the rainy days.



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