Friday, December 25, 2009

Unseen Relative for a Decade

My pop was hailed from the north and he gets to see only his family once a year. And since, travel fare is much in the Philippines, we rarely join him in his trip.

But, one of his nieces went for business trip to General Santos City, and we were only glad to see her and her friend.

We had wandered around the city with the best food and warm welcome.  We wish to however, go to Manila this coming new year on a land travel for a much - due reunion. 

We brought them to the local city for some evening lights and since we had our bazaar exhibit, we only had them with us tagged along. hahhahahha!

My cousin was all teary - eyed when she saw us. hehhehehhehe! Goodness, it's a good 10 years since she saw me, now, married, working and with a big kid. Hahhahah! 



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