Monday, December 28, 2009

Wise Family

I personally believe that saving for the rainy season is only practical and handy. We are not at all elite. We work hard for a living that is why we were taught by our parents to value hard - earned money. 

Further, my mom went out of the social norms for women when she decided to sell practically anything just to help our my soldier father who simply had a modest salary to raise a family.

I quite guess, I acquired that habit from my mom. Any decent job is ok for me and that I believe anything can be achieved, if only I set my mind to it. I wish to acquire real estate properties, whole life insurance  and more for the family. But, it shall take years of hard work, brow and sweat to all of these. 

Living is never easy. Those who are well - off somehow had paid a bigger price to get what they have. I don't wish too much for myself or for my family. I only wish that we live comfortably. 



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