Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family Fun at the Pool!

We just came from the Gensan Bloggers gathering when we were invited to the newly opened Gensan View Resort. The place was quite appealing since a big pool amidst the spacious area.

My kid had lovely time with the pool while the rest of us enjoyed the beautiful scenery,  sumptuous food, lovely music from high - end  MP3 players  and endless picture takings. 

We concluded the night with a  meeting of what we shall expect soon. It was quite a night, and we simply had great fun. Thanks to Bariles who invited us to join him and the resort owners, Mr. Joel and Patrice Santos who warmly welcomed and accommodated us. 


A Day Off For Us

The kids wont be having any regular class tomorrow since the parents are required to attend the Parents- Teachers Meeting in the morning. So, my kid and nephew will simply consume the day by watching movies, playing, and bugging the house helpers. LOL!

Coincidentally, we wont be having any regular class too tomorrow since my college students shall have their students' activity day. However, I shall have to see them for their attendance and work on the test questionnaires for midterm exam on Monday.

It will somehow, be a long weekend for all of us. We just wish it would be lovely too.

Thank God it shall be Friday! YEPEY!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Insurance for the Family

When I started the business just recently, I saw the value of hard work more than  earning from a meager salary as an employee. Owners really work harder than their employees.

And, since the future is not really certain, I can only be scared  of what can possibly happen to me or to my family. 

In spite of the economic crisis, I had applied  for family insurance to at least help my loved ones if unwanted scenarios happen, God forbid!  I just have to really tighten my belt to accommodate this added monthly expense.

With this pressing reason, I see insurance as an investment and a savings.  There are also   home insurance quotes   that can just be checked at anytime. 

For quite a long time, I saw insurance as a scam and a waste of money but accidents can just happen, it still pays off to prepare for these rather than feel sorry.


Family - Friends

with my younger sisters and new friends Mimi and Ram

with other friends during Christmas eve

Do you have friends whom you consider as family members too? We got a few. But, in the course of our business, we have acquired new friends and since then, we, my sister in particular are inseparable from them.  We had all together celebrated holiday breaks and family occasions.

But, lately our friends had been pressing problems and we can only symphatize with them. My sister had assisted them but we can't only do much for them. 

I guess staying by their sides and assist them with whatever we can at least help.  We only wish that their problems shall be solved soon with less pains and hassles.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Seeking Jobs

My other  family members are seeking jobs and although we have our business to attend to, having  a steady job means a lot for a steady  income especially if the business sales is bleak.

Now, they are leaving for abroad to seek employment. I wish to try my luck abroad too but I don't want to leave my little kid behind, I am only grateful though that I have my regular job and still have add-on work for added perks.

POEA recently announced that there are a number of job orders in health, engineering and constructions abroad. Having knowledge on these fields and industrial hand wheels   may mean a lot for job applicants.

Life is harder these days but we can only hope that my family members will get the job they have been wanting and do better living even it means leaving for abroad. We shall however, miss them a lot.


Our Nephew on Measles

My youngest nephew had been having fever on and off for three days. His pedia made the blood and urine tests, but no apparent reason can be identified for the cause of his fever.  Worse, he was given antibiotic.   I only discovered that he got measles after seeing small rashes on his skin.  My kid before had this and was not given any special medicine nor antibiotic for treatment. WHO says measles is a viral infection and harmless except for patients especially children who have poor immunity where complications may happen.  

I quite know that antibiotic should not be given lightheartedly since adverse complications may occur. But, I guess in the Philippines, some doctors are just too dependent with antibiotic.

My kid who was on and off from medications when he was younger, his pedia in Zamboanga City who is a specialist on immunity and allergy, rarely gave him antibiotics unless the infection is really identified. 

Thus, I am not really confident with some doctors here in General Santos City. This started when my kid was hospitalized for unknown reason and was given different types of medicines only to be told by his very pedia to go home to Zamboanga City for check - up and treatment. He was only diagnosed of lactose intolerance. Tsk ! Tsk ! Tsk!  

It is quite important that in selecting physicians, they must be really an expert in their field before putting our loved ones to their health care.   

I can only regret that we have to leave his pedia at home. I am only blessed though that my  kid rarely gets sick other than the usual colds and cough.  Perhaps when we visit Zamboanga City this summer, he can go his pedia for a visit.


Family Members Booked for Singapore

My younger sibling texted us early morning that there is a travel promo from Cebu Pacific for Singapore that will run until tomorrow. Her fiance will leave this February 7 and she will follow on June 12 until 20.

She asked our other sister to prepare for a trip once her fiance will be settled in. I took the chance too to convince my husband to take the travel promo and visit the country together with my sister in June.

We did pay the tickets and all but my son was only disappointed that we won't be coming along. I only told him that we too can have a travel abroad through some great  travel promo or Branson vacation packages  to Branson, Hongkong, Wisconsin or somewhere else in USA.   

He was only particular of heading to Disneyland and seeing his grandparents is Wisconsin.  The trip will be sooner though once my in-laws prepare for our travel tickets.   For the meantime, we can contend with Asian trips this year.


Centuries of Calamities for Families Worldwide

Forgive my dreading title but somehow, the devastation from Haiti earthquake where Red Cross believed to have killed 50, 000 people and to have affected 3 Million of people indeed hit a distressing nerve.

I am a pessimist alright but from this pessimism I take hope too that things can also be better if only mother nature  won't unleash her fury again.

But, from reading the updates in Haiti earthquake, I came across of this article about The Worst Natural Disasters Ever and I get only more anxious. But, history is history, so I am sharing this article to you. This only proves that if Mother Nature cannot really be taken cared of, more and more tragedies can still come due to our misdoings, and she can just take its wrath and wipe a nation, just like the old Atlantis.

So here is the list, source from Yahoo news  from SOURCES: David Crossley of St. Louis University; Livescience research and reporting.

January 12, 2010 - Casualties resulting from the Haiti quake are still unknown, but the Red Cross estimates that up to 3 million people may have been affected.

May 2, 2008

- The death toll from Cyclone Nargis remains uncertain but has been put at 140,000 or more. Caught with nowhere to run, residents of low-lying rice fields in Maynmar were simply swept away.

Oct. 8, 2005 - Magnitude-7.6 earthquake in Pakistan killed more than 40,000 people. The destruction was due in part to the quake's shallow origin.

August 2005 - Hurricane Katrina killed more than 1,800 people and is the costliest hurricane in U.S. history. More so than any U.S. disaster in recent decades, its effects linger even today as New Orleans and many coastal communities still struggle to get back on their feet.

Dec. 26, 2004

- The magnitude-9.3 Indian Ocean earthquake and resulting Sumatran tsunami is estimated to have killed more than 225,000 people. It affected a broader region and more people than any modern disaster.

1992 - Hurricane Andrew killed 26, but property damage was $25 billion -- most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history at the time.

1985 - Nevado del Ruiz (Columbia) volcano killed 25,000 people, most caught in a massive mudflow.

1976 - Tangshan earthquake in China, a magnitude-8 event, killed somewhere between 255,000 and 655,000.

1931 - Yellow River flood, estimated to have killed 1 million to 3.7 million people via drowning, disease, ensuing famines and droughts. The river also had flooded catastrophically in 1887, killing nearly as many.

1815 - Tambora, Indonesia, volcano of 1815. 80,000 people died of subsequent famine.

1811-12 - Three New Madrid earthquakes in Missouri represent some of the strongest earthquakes in the contiguous United States in recorded history. With magnitudes estimated as high as 7.8 or so, they were felt as far away as Boston. Damage was relatively light due to sparse population, but the quakes serve as a frightening reminder of how fickle nature can be and they are also alarmingly predictive of what could happen in the future now that the area is far more populous.

1737 - Calcutta, India, event killed 300,000. Once thought to have been an earthquake, scientists now lean toward typhoon.


- Shaanzi, China, earthquake killed 830,000. Nobody knows the seismic magnitude.

1330-1351 - The Black Death or Bubonic Plague, a pandemic caused by a bacterium called Yersinia pestis, killed an estimated 75 million people, wiping out somewhere between 30 to 60 percent of Europe's population.


- Aleppo earthquake in Syria, killed about 230,000. It is listed by the U.S. Geological Survey as the fourth deadliest earthquake of all time.

1500 B.C., or so

- The Mediterranean Stroggli island blew up. A tsunami virtually wiped out Minoan civilization. Area now called Santorini; Plato called it the site where Atlantis disappeared.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alarming Eating Habits of Kids

The problem with the current environment is that "fast" means is always the option. This includes fast food, fast lifestyle and fast technology.

When gadgets have taken their  boom, people of all ages stop becoming physically active. I am quite guilty of this too. I spent more time before my computer than hitting the road for my used - to - do joggings.

This also applies to my kid who is only 7 years old but now weights 41 kg.  I only weigh 50 kg. Goodness, he is not quite far with an adult weight.

In a popular article, obesity does not limit anymore to adult but even to young ones. For this reason, health issues related to obesity have become a global problem.

My kid would not eat meals other than fried chicken and pork, selected fish, hotdogs and cereals. He can only  eat potatoes. Other than these, he would rather eat noodles and biscuits.  I have tried other means like threats or coaxing to make him eat vegetables and other viands but to no avail. 

I know we have to go back to our exercise so we can ask him to join us so he can do that extra weight.  Our age does not help with our passive lifestyle. I did read fat burner reviews   to at least be motivated.  What we really need is a strong will to get into regular fat - burning activities and healthy diet.

I wish I can do more for my kid.


Missing Filipinos in Haiti Earthquake

The world  is shaken again by a strong earthquake that hit Haiti which casualties believed to reach 50, 000 according to Yahoo news.

Four Filipino workers in Haiti are still missing but the families still hope for positive news although the cries of loss, and impatience prevail the shaken city of Haiti.

Countries worldwide started to flood their help but much is still need to aid fully the victims and the government.

In the Philippines, we have been having series of earthquakes too. It dreads me that natural disasters are taking their toils as if I am seeing the movie 2012 in real action. 

I could only say prayers for all of us.


Family Budgeting is a Battle

They say women are good in budgeting. Well, count me out because even if I am good with numbers, I am quite an impulsive buyer too especially when dining out. The budget is always overboard. waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

I did not use my credit card anymore to do away with uncontrolled buying but somehow, draining the cash does not help either. Goodness, am I really beyond redemption.  

I did try to count my income against my monthly expenditures, and I must say, I am indeed in tight budget.   My little notebook for expenditures is just filled with budgeting plans go wary.  I wonder if  home budgeting software  can help do the trick.

But, I must first and foremost, prioritize my expenditures and do away luxury expenses like buying of movies, dining in resto, and mall shopping. I guess I would rather wish I am dead. LOL!


Family Leaving for Singapore

My sister's fiance is scheduled to leave for Singapore to work.   Life is harder in the Philippines especially if you are just employed at quite modest paychecks.

She did ask my other sister, Tammy to check for travel  promos so she too can check Singapore for potential employment. 

My mom was only eager to see us off by asking us to check the country this summer break.  We have been wanting to migrate and the family in Wisconsin did process our family petition but this may take time. Thus, another alternative shall be to migrate to Canada. 

With my younger kid, I can only think that I still stay with him in the Philippines until he is big enough to fend for himself. 

Until then, I can only allow his dad or my sisters to leave. I shall however, travel when the right time is up. 


Sick Family Members

The weather has been extreme these days as it shifts to hot and rainy periods.  My younger nephew has to go through cough and colds, and now anemia while another family member is recuperating from flu.

The weather doesn't help too for aging and sick elders in the family that they wish they have enough medication including arthritis relief    to subside the pain.

I only pray that we won't contract their illnesses too since it will be harder when everyone is sick. Work and business shall be definitely affected although we would welcome the rest but the pain and discomfort is quite a dread.


Responsibility of Public Figures On and Off Screen

I am a teacher for over a decade and although I don't teach values education as a subject, I find it a must to at least incorporate this together with my academic subject.  Studies show that moral education can better equip students with the needed values  as they grow up. 

I love TV shows just like the rest but what I detested the most is the fact that even entertainers and politicians and nationally recognized people for that matter can not just say what they can  on screen when viewers of younger age look up to them as if they are holy gods that what they do and say are just normal and acceptable.

The most recent incident was the statement of Rosanna Roces in Showtime, an ABS-CBN morning show when she insulted teachers on screen. This is quite below the belt coming from someone who did not at all finish her education. 

The MTRCB did suspend the show  for 20 days compelling the company to replace it with Magpasikat and in the process, remove Roces as one of the judges. I have to at least make the company responsible too since they pick their judges. Should prior background be checked first before they put people to openly critic others?  

I quite love the show and it is depressing that it has been put on hold but lesson indeed learned for every one. I just hope that Ms. Roces learned too from this.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

House Helpers for the Family

When the house is filled with kids, one can only get more grumpy and insane each day. hahahha! This is quite true for us especially when our house helper decided to marry and leave us. That was  difficult though since we have a one - year old kid at home.

Attending to the school kids is not at all easy too. Early morning is always a sumo wrestling for us. hahahha!  

So, when an added house helper came around, we were only more grateful. This gives me more time to attend to my school works, blogging, business and other woman stuffs. Yikes!

House helpers in the Philippines are quite common because they just come in cheaper salary, thus, they come abound. 

In spite of the lighter house load, I can't really cope with late night works that pimples simply mushroom among us. I normally wait them to disappear but whenever I can remember, I put on  treatment for acne  to relieve the inflammation.

Although, my case is not quite the same with our other house helper when her entire face is filled with little pimples. 

Anyways, we are only glad that they are around to help us through.


Fun Family Picture on New Year's Eve

with family and new friends on midnight of January 1, 2010

just me, fooling around before our roasted porky (lechon)

During the holiday breaks, my younger sibling with her fiance came home for a reunion. My folks were only happy to  have them.

The week of their stay was only consumed with so a number of mall window shopping, store manning and dining! hahahhah!

Too sad though that holiday breaks would have to end. We cant wait until Holy Week when she get back to us again.


Sick Baby in the Family

my nephew when he was not sick

My youngest nephew at home has been struggling with on and off fever. We thought it was only due to the extreme weather condition, but whenever fever exists, I get too cranky that it could be due to infection.

Last time, he had fever was because of his cough. He did well alright but his running nose won't subside. Now, he has fever again and my mom can only bring him again to his pedia. Our house helpers say he has anemia since I had no chance to confirm this with my mom.  Reading about anemia did not make sense at all.

Sometimes, I think that his frail condition was brought by insufficient prenatal vitamin   or something.  We only wish he gets better after his medications since he gets too grumpy when he is sick and that only  drives us crazy.


Busy Days Again for Our Students

At our home, we have three (3) young ones who are still into schooling. My younger sibling is graduating from high school. She sure has a number of requirements and endless meetings for graduation ceremonies.  Soon, she will have to hurdle through final exams and although, she did poorly in her previous grades, she has to do better this time unless she wants to stay behind. My mom shall surely fume with anger. hahahah!

Our younger kids though are in their elementary. Their third quarter exam was given last December, thus this last quarter shall be for final assessments.

We have to do much assignments and reviews for their subjects and weekend exams. My kid can only be excited of their upcoming summer break. sigh!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold Weather For Everyone

As January 2010 started, so are the usual colds and flu due to extreme weather condition. The days are always hot and humid while the evening time is oftentimes too cold. I have to snuggle in fetal position just to keep me from freezing.

PAGASA says its the cold front that affects Luzon while there is a Low Pressure Area extending to Eastern Visayas and Mindanao.  No wonder we have been having gloomy days too in the early afternoon.

As I type, I got these nasty headache and shivering. I just have to take some pain relievers, early rest and  thick blankets and some nice jackets  like Nascar jackets  to keep me warm.  The weather affects my little nephew too as his colds has been long standing. Medicines wont keep him well though. The family allergy must have gotten to him too.

I just hope the weather stabilizes before flu becomes a widespread problem among households.


Philippine 2010 Holidays, and Weekend of Rest and Movies for Us

It is the first weekend after regular classes resumed. We did really have difficult time adjusting since the two - week  holiday vacation.

Since we were done with the holiday exhibits, the days are lighter but we are back to  our regular works of lecture  preparations, school assignments and exams, and endless movies day and night.

Just this day, we finished five movies, some were from my old favorites. The family  just enjoyed the weekend relaxation time.

I have to review yet the kids tomorrow for their Monday long quiz and I have to prepare the notes for next week's top coverage.

We cant only wait for holidays to come, and glad to see this 2010 official holidays from the national government website of the Philippines.

Partial Listing of Regular Holidays / Special Non-Working and Working Holidays

Regular Holidays

Maundy Thursday April 1
Good Friday April 2
Araw ng Kagitingan April 9 (Friday)
Labor Day May 1
Independence Day June 14 (Monday nearest June 12)
National Heroes Day August 30 (Last Monday of August)
Bonifacio Day November 29 (Monday nearest November 30)
Christmas Day December 25 (Saturday)
Rizal Day December 27 (Monday nearest December 30)

Special (Non-working) Days

Ninoy Aquino Day August 23 (Monday nearest August 21)
All Saints Day November 1 (Monday)
Additional special (non-working) day December 24 (Friday)
Last day of the year December 31 (Friday)


Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Trip

My sister, Tammy and I had been planning to go abroad for business and fun. We wish to go to Singapore as we have our acquaintances there. But, I did tell her that I still have to save for  three people since my husband and kid would not approve of my traveling alone. Geez!

My sister was able to travel outside the Philippines several times as I still have to go through my first time. Learning different things from the outside would indeed help us do well in our upcoming mall boutique. 

Although, I don't have the resources yet or some nice Jack Georges   luggage, we  have to just start pitching in for our travel fund.

Our friends in Singapore are just too excited to show us around. I hope we can do this during office or school break so my kid won't be missing much.

I guess if he is older, I can do what I have been wanting to do, travel the world! 


Kids Are Back To School

School has resumed its normal classes last January 4, 2010 after two weeks of vacation. Although, the young kids at home would rather stay out of school, somehow, they were also excited to see their friends and teachers again.

Too bad though that after their first school day, my kid would have to tell me that most of his classmates were absent and that he too wanted to be absent for the following day. hahhahah!

But, what I am more worried these days is the fact that he seemed to forget his prior knowledge on some subjects lately. Somehow, I could sense that my kid experience this so - called learning disability

Wikipedia defined learning disability or disorder as :

a disorder in which a person has difficulty learning in a typical manner, usually caused by an unknown factor or factors.

This can be threatening as I see my kid so unfocus on learning his subjects although I may say he can just pick up so fast that he gets bored with chronic reviews.

His pre-school guidance counselor tried the class for IQ and I somehow, I anticipated that it would have to be low. To my surprise, his IQ was that of their second honor student. I could only be relieved of the news but somehow, it troubles me that he doesn't do well in his class performance.  

Learning disability more allows me to comprehend that this has nothing to do with IQ or success in life as known people like Winston Churchill had this also. 

But, this does not pacify my anxiety. Somehow, I feel disappointed that even if I am a teacher by profession, I could not aid much my kid. I tried to reason out if this was only due to my limited time with him. I could not at all tell. I can only ask the advice of the experts to tell if he really has learning disability. 


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our House is a Mess

During the holidays, our house helper left for her hometown visit. We can somehow manage everything except the regular cleaning, cooking or laundry washing. Hahhaahah! Our exhibits did not help too since they meant staying late outside the house while cleaning stuffs of our rooms, glass tiles kitchen, and equipment will have to be delayed again.

Three (3) playful kids don’t make much help too. We can only pitch in our efforts to help clean and cook whenever we can.

But, we quite wish our house helper will go home now with another helper to stay for good. That way, the house won’t be too much of a wreck from all unpiled and unclean stuffs.


Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year with the Family

We just went home from a long day at a white sand beach. The kids just had so much fun while the oldies like me slept an hour from an evening escapade when we celebrated new year's eve with family and friends.

We made use of the time too to enjoy the scenery and quite time as the entire family is together. I wish every family would be as happy.

Best wishes everyone!


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