Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alarming Eating Habits of Kids

The problem with the current environment is that "fast" means is always the option. This includes fast food, fast lifestyle and fast technology.

When gadgets have taken their  boom, people of all ages stop becoming physically active. I am quite guilty of this too. I spent more time before my computer than hitting the road for my used - to - do joggings.

This also applies to my kid who is only 7 years old but now weights 41 kg.  I only weigh 50 kg. Goodness, he is not quite far with an adult weight.

In a popular article, obesity does not limit anymore to adult but even to young ones. For this reason, health issues related to obesity have become a global problem.

My kid would not eat meals other than fried chicken and pork, selected fish, hotdogs and cereals. He can only  eat potatoes. Other than these, he would rather eat noodles and biscuits.  I have tried other means like threats or coaxing to make him eat vegetables and other viands but to no avail. 

I know we have to go back to our exercise so we can ask him to join us so he can do that extra weight.  Our age does not help with our passive lifestyle. I did read fat burner reviews   to at least be motivated.  What we really need is a strong will to get into regular fat - burning activities and healthy diet.

I wish I can do more for my kid.



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