Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Budgeting is a Battle

They say women are good in budgeting. Well, count me out because even if I am good with numbers, I am quite an impulsive buyer too especially when dining out. The budget is always overboard. waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

I did not use my credit card anymore to do away with uncontrolled buying but somehow, draining the cash does not help either. Goodness, am I really beyond redemption.  

I did try to count my income against my monthly expenditures, and I must say, I am indeed in tight budget.   My little notebook for expenditures is just filled with budgeting plans go wary.  I wonder if  home budgeting software  can help do the trick.

But, I must first and foremost, prioritize my expenditures and do away luxury expenses like buying of movies, dining in resto, and mall shopping. I guess I would rather wish I am dead. LOL!



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