Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Members Booked for Singapore

My younger sibling texted us early morning that there is a travel promo from Cebu Pacific for Singapore that will run until tomorrow. Her fiance will leave this February 7 and she will follow on June 12 until 20.

She asked our other sister to prepare for a trip once her fiance will be settled in. I took the chance too to convince my husband to take the travel promo and visit the country together with my sister in June.

We did pay the tickets and all but my son was only disappointed that we won't be coming along. I only told him that we too can have a travel abroad through some great  travel promo or Branson vacation packages  to Branson, Hongkong, Wisconsin or somewhere else in USA.   

He was only particular of heading to Disneyland and seeing his grandparents is Wisconsin.  The trip will be sooner though once my in-laws prepare for our travel tickets.   For the meantime, we can contend with Asian trips this year.



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