Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Trip

My sister, Tammy and I had been planning to go abroad for business and fun. We wish to go to Singapore as we have our acquaintances there. But, I did tell her that I still have to save for  three people since my husband and kid would not approve of my traveling alone. Geez!

My sister was able to travel outside the Philippines several times as I still have to go through my first time. Learning different things from the outside would indeed help us do well in our upcoming mall boutique. 

Although, I don't have the resources yet or some nice Jack Georges   luggage, we  have to just start pitching in for our travel fund.

Our friends in Singapore are just too excited to show us around. I hope we can do this during office or school break so my kid won't be missing much.

I guess if he is older, I can do what I have been wanting to do, travel the world! 



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