Wednesday, January 13, 2010

House Helpers for the Family

When the house is filled with kids, one can only get more grumpy and insane each day. hahahha! This is quite true for us especially when our house helper decided to marry and leave us. That was  difficult though since we have a one - year old kid at home.

Attending to the school kids is not at all easy too. Early morning is always a sumo wrestling for us. hahahha!  

So, when an added house helper came around, we were only more grateful. This gives me more time to attend to my school works, blogging, business and other woman stuffs. Yikes!

House helpers in the Philippines are quite common because they just come in cheaper salary, thus, they come abound. 

In spite of the lighter house load, I can't really cope with late night works that pimples simply mushroom among us. I normally wait them to disappear but whenever I can remember, I put on  treatment for acne  to relieve the inflammation.

Although, my case is not quite the same with our other house helper when her entire face is filled with little pimples. 

Anyways, we are only glad that they are around to help us through.



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