Friday, January 8, 2010

Kids Are Back To School

School has resumed its normal classes last January 4, 2010 after two weeks of vacation. Although, the young kids at home would rather stay out of school, somehow, they were also excited to see their friends and teachers again.

Too bad though that after their first school day, my kid would have to tell me that most of his classmates were absent and that he too wanted to be absent for the following day. hahhahah!

But, what I am more worried these days is the fact that he seemed to forget his prior knowledge on some subjects lately. Somehow, I could sense that my kid experience this so - called learning disability

Wikipedia defined learning disability or disorder as :

a disorder in which a person has difficulty learning in a typical manner, usually caused by an unknown factor or factors.

This can be threatening as I see my kid so unfocus on learning his subjects although I may say he can just pick up so fast that he gets bored with chronic reviews.

His pre-school guidance counselor tried the class for IQ and I somehow, I anticipated that it would have to be low. To my surprise, his IQ was that of their second honor student. I could only be relieved of the news but somehow, it troubles me that he doesn't do well in his class performance.  

Learning disability more allows me to comprehend that this has nothing to do with IQ or success in life as known people like Winston Churchill had this also. 

But, this does not pacify my anxiety. Somehow, I feel disappointed that even if I am a teacher by profession, I could not aid much my kid. I tried to reason out if this was only due to my limited time with him. I could not at all tell. I can only ask the advice of the experts to tell if he really has learning disability. 



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