Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Nephew on Measles

My youngest nephew had been having fever on and off for three days. His pedia made the blood and urine tests, but no apparent reason can be identified for the cause of his fever.  Worse, he was given antibiotic.   I only discovered that he got measles after seeing small rashes on his skin.  My kid before had this and was not given any special medicine nor antibiotic for treatment. WHO says measles is a viral infection and harmless except for patients especially children who have poor immunity where complications may happen.  

I quite know that antibiotic should not be given lightheartedly since adverse complications may occur. But, I guess in the Philippines, some doctors are just too dependent with antibiotic.

My kid who was on and off from medications when he was younger, his pedia in Zamboanga City who is a specialist on immunity and allergy, rarely gave him antibiotics unless the infection is really identified. 

Thus, I am not really confident with some doctors here in General Santos City. This started when my kid was hospitalized for unknown reason and was given different types of medicines only to be told by his very pedia to go home to Zamboanga City for check - up and treatment. He was only diagnosed of lactose intolerance. Tsk ! Tsk ! Tsk!  

It is quite important that in selecting physicians, they must be really an expert in their field before putting our loved ones to their health care.   

I can only regret that we have to leave his pedia at home. I am only blessed though that my  kid rarely gets sick other than the usual colds and cough.  Perhaps when we visit Zamboanga City this summer, he can go his pedia for a visit.



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