Thursday, January 14, 2010

Responsibility of Public Figures On and Off Screen

I am a teacher for over a decade and although I don't teach values education as a subject, I find it a must to at least incorporate this together with my academic subject.  Studies show that moral education can better equip students with the needed values  as they grow up. 

I love TV shows just like the rest but what I detested the most is the fact that even entertainers and politicians and nationally recognized people for that matter can not just say what they can  on screen when viewers of younger age look up to them as if they are holy gods that what they do and say are just normal and acceptable.

The most recent incident was the statement of Rosanna Roces in Showtime, an ABS-CBN morning show when she insulted teachers on screen. This is quite below the belt coming from someone who did not at all finish her education. 

The MTRCB did suspend the show  for 20 days compelling the company to replace it with Magpasikat and in the process, remove Roces as one of the judges. I have to at least make the company responsible too since they pick their judges. Should prior background be checked first before they put people to openly critic others?  

I quite love the show and it is depressing that it has been put on hold but lesson indeed learned for every one. I just hope that Ms. Roces learned too from this.



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