Thursday, February 25, 2010

Therapeutic Family Recreation

Sometimes, people resort to spa and other relaxing alternatives to get relaxed. Others of course, require medical assistance. But, since stress can be a reason for ill medical condition, it sometimes, help if we find means to get this stress released.

Personally, I watch funny Korean movies and wander around the mall alone or with my family members. My blogging including jogging and biking helps me get relaxed too.  

But, having fun together family members including the kids, gets you more rejuvenated. Sometimes, I join my sibling in her window shopping and parlor escapades. We share same likings for food, surfing, business, fashion, and reviews from   and more.

Whatever is the means to get that much needed relaxation, I guess what matters is we get what we want and if it can be with our loved ones, then we are only luckier.

an afternoon with my kid at a local plaza

Last time, I brought my kid and nephew together with my hubby to a local park where we did have an hour of badminton. Although, my pocket was drained from the snacks and books they asked me to buy, the day was simply great!


Extended Family, A Filipino Culture


Families in the Philippines normally are extended. It means that the direct family is normally joined by the grandparents, aunts and uncles and even nieces and nephews.  Sometimes, the house helpers  who have stayed longer have become part of the family household.


My old home was composed of my husband’s cousins who chose to live with us so they can help with the house chores and  the family business.


But, when we chose to head back to my parents’ place, I have to squeeze my family with my parents, siblings and nephews, cousin and house helpers.   So, basically the house is packed! LOL!


With the house members around, at least, they get to help raise the kids and make parenting and marriage  lighter. But, having extra people around you can make your budget and days difficult too. LOL!!!! But, whatever is the family arrangement, I guess the bottomline is if the household is in harmony with one another.



The Wonders of Family Business

A number of successful establishments in the Philippines are managed by family owners. In General Santos City alone, names of affluent people are known and they simply have strings of businesses to boost.  Somehow, their companies are diversified ranging from fishing and resorts to manufacturing. 

My family did start with furniture making but over the years, it is only my parents that are into business. But, two years ago, we did start with our boutique and food carts.  Somehow, my parents help us with the management including having the equipment and papers. 

My mom did help us when she bought a good 5 - cubic feet freezer, water dispenser to add to our food cart equipment.  

When the businesses become bigger, we need other equipment including receipt printer   to make the  sales easier and handy for the customers and employees. Further, sale inventory can be controlled well. 

My sister also did start with her own business but then she prefers to run a resto bar once she gets the needed resources. Perhaps, when she leaves for abroad or gets settled down, then maybe her dream can come true.

But, running a family business makes the operations and management easier to manage.  At least, decision making is faster and that the members become personally committed. 

So, in the coming years, more and more families shall shift to family business. 


Family Ferris Wheel Ride

In ferris wheel cage at 10 - meter height. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Last time I rode a ferris wheel, I was only fresh from college, in short it was 12 years ago. LOL!  I quite fear heights and anything that moves. Somehow, they make my tummy stir and make head spin. 

But, last February 14, in celebration of Valentine's Day, I brought the  family to a mall  for some window shopping before heading to our family dinner.

During the course of stall hopping, we were able to see a very brand new ferris wheel and my kid simply asked us to bring him for a ride. 

Since my nephew refused to join him, it made me and my husband hopped into the cage with trembling knees. Hahhahah!

My kid was happier with each loop while we set our minds to something else just to forget the height. LOL!


Kids' Measles On The Loose

Just recently, the Department of Health (DOH)  has announced measles outbreak especially in highly populated areas. The extreme El NiNo is partly to blame.

So, the youngsters are enjoined to have their measles  vaccination. I have to soon check with my kid's pediatrician of the needed vaccination boosters now that he is seven years old.

At this time of very  warm weather, flu among other illnesses is dreaded to consume us. Thus, it helps to clean the surroundings and healthy lifestyle. Also, it will  help if we use  disinfectant and  teach the young ones to refrain from messing with the dirt and sick kids. 

It's quite difficult when kids get sick somehow,  seeing them having discomfort makes us wish that we can spare them from any pain. 

But, in this peak time of common illnesses, we can only be more cautious. 


Getting A Family Pet

Our newly acquired tortoises

My nephew did have a hamster as a pet last December through his aunt and my kid was quite envious with him.

He did ask for  a dog but since we have a little one year old at home, a dog is simply a no - no.  But, I wanted to teach my kid to be responsible that I bought at first sight, the green tortoises  sold at the mall. I did get a pair and the kids at home are simply too excited to these little creatures. 

I wish that they shall live long and that the kids  will be responsible in taking good care of their  pets. I did promise my kid that we will buy more turtles once the first pair thrives.

Soon, I shall get love birds for myself. Somehow, the home pets make a lively vibe at home. The tortoises shall be an added attraction with  our aquarium that has three aquarium sharks. 

So, with a new pet, I did search for an official website of tortoises to check for their basic care. I did find a good resource from SlowCoach. 


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No School Again For Us

In celebration of a Muslim Holiday, the city mayor of General Santos had given his memorandum declaring February 26, a holiday for the city locals. 

The kids and I are supposed to have school classes in time for upcoming examinations but we just like the holiday since this will mean longer weekend and consequently, rest time.

Further, the city celebrates Kalilangan 2010 and shall commence on February 27. The holiday will give us more time to wander around and enjoy the week - long festivity.

We can man the boutique and our furniture shop as my mom looks on  office furniture   and other wood works. 

Normally, the kids just stay at home and enjoy movies after movies while I head to our stores and man them for possible queries and sales. 

The Philippine government simply has more than a dozen of local and national holidays.   Life in our country is simply laid back although we work hard, we equally love to rest and play too. LOL!

So, happy long weekend every General!


Our Littlest Bugger

Ziggy, my nephew, on his cutest

When my sister and I decided to go back to our parents' house, we drag along our kids, and and our small old home is simply packed with boys now and the latest addition is my 1 - year - old nephew.

He is quite cute but most of the time stirs the entire house with his squeals. We quite adore him including my own kid but when he gets nasty,  you can here the house shakes with everyone's shouting. LOL!

My kid treats his other cousins as his brothers. I guess that is enough for me. 


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Hardworking Mom

I quite adore my mom since she started earning an add - on living for the family 20 years ago to assist the meager salary of our retired - navy - officer pop.

I never indeed heard her complained of hard labor but she isn't particular of what she does as long as it is decent and brings that added income.

She long works on our furniture business, does the business dealings with big-small clients, assists in the furniture paintings and all. She is quite knowledgeable with the in's and out's of the business and the furniture industry.  She hopes to hand us down this business so she can retire but we just don't know much  yet. For one, stuffs like wood types, designs, and paintings,  and others are still to be explored.

I may have the formal background in business and management but my mom is way over me in terms of experience and wisdom. It will take awhile to have what she has acquired over the years of entrepreneurship.

For one, it is only two years ago that we are actually inclined to business. I have to  learn from my mom to help me run the boutique and eventually, the food business.


Sunday Dog Show For Us

One of my dog favorites, although I am not quite sure its breed but this dog was the smallest. Quite smaller than a house cat.  The judge checked this toy dog for some lapses and if in fact, it conforms with its breed's standards.

On agility showdown

with my kid and sibling with the nephews

In celebration of Kalilangan 2010 here in General Santos City,  we brought the youngsters into a Dog Show for Conformation and Agility Showdown. 

We quite missed our own dogs, our dalmatian (now deceased) and our German Shepherd.   We did witness different variety of breeds but we were only pissed off by the dusty open venue. LOL!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Good Family Movie

Since watching before the big tube is our family fave recreation, we get to see all sorts of movies too for the entire family.

Sometimes, I do buy movie compilations for the old ones and stuffs for the kids at home. But, sometimes, I get to buy or rent movies that will surely my kids and myself like.  But, among the children movies we watched, I personally like Wall-e and Up. Somehow, they gave a strong message of love, family and friendship. 

No wonder, the movie, Up, had  conquered several awarding institutions. The reviews were pretty good that I  just had to watch the movie. It made me cry a lot. Sigh!  

Reviews on movies, health, technology or even acne treatment reviews  can make think of something worthwhile. 

I wish other good films with my kid and as we enjoy the movie, I teach him values.  I only wish that he grows with strong sense of character for what he will believe a  worthy thing.


Family's Fave: Big Tube

Video - K singing with family and friends on New Year's eve

We don't  do much recreations other than watching before the big screen for local news and foreign films. But, we can only do this after store hours, and during weekends. 

Sometimes, if holidays are longer, we get to have strings of movies around our neck and the kids and us can only choose rooms where to watch. LOL!

But, when my other sibling  comes for a vacation, we normally stir the neighborhood with our not-too-nice singing. 


Sibling Fun

Having three other siblings can be fun and sometimes, draining too.  I am the eldest among them but my  other sibling is only two years my junior so, the rivalry then was quite stiff and bitchy. 

But, my third and fourth siblings were way too young that when my mom frequently traveled because of business and eventually worked abroad, I acted as their instant mom.

After years of growing old, my siblings and I are supposed to enjoy and respect one another. Although, sometimes we bicker on trivial stuffs. 

We now have fun going together to a parlor, dine or a spa for some good massage, colon and body cleanse and soothing  idle time. 

Regardless of what we do as siblings, even if we don't agree much on some things, family is family. Thus, it is always sweet and nice to be with them whenever I can. 



Kids' Recreation

the family on one Sunday morning on inline blades

My kid is  quite hooked with PSP among other things but rarely plays with other kids. He mostly plays with his pop.

My other nephew on the other hand, goes on neighbor hopping just to play with other kids.  But, recreation among kids should be abundant since it will improve their holistic being.  

Since the school asked the little boys to bring some badminton rackets, my kid has been persistent on dragging us to play with him.  He sure had fun that I decided to bring him to the local plaza after school to at least make him physically active and bond with us more. 

There are other sites that can introduce kids fun.  Here is a site of some interesting activities you can try. For us parents, we can take the chance to have fun too with our  youngsters. 


Slim and Big Kids at Home

my big kid and slim nephew

These two kids are the little gangsters at home. They are both seven years and have been classmates in preschool until now that they are in Grade 1.

They are a perfect 10 since my kid is quite big for his age while my nephew is as thin as a  stick.  And, when they try to play around, it seems that my nephew can  just be tossed around with less efforts.

My other sibling tried some commercial vitamins to boost his cravings for food. Somehow, only our wallets are affected.  LOL!

On the other hand, we try to reduce the weight of my kid through diet, exercise and constraints.  But, since he is too young for commercial diet pills, we may check on  herbal diet supplement  to help him.

But, we must encourage him to be physically active to at least curb the fats and chance for unwanted eating.  

Regardless of their weights, I quite adore my kid and nephew. 


Our Valentines Day on Ferris Wheel

It's Valentines Day and my kid and husband  woke me up with roses and wet kisses. LOL! I warmly greeted my oldies too and decided to have dinner with them together with my siblings.

But, early afternoon, we headed to a mall with my nephews  and rode a special ferris wheel that went through up the mall's heights. 

I was freaking cold, tense and anxious since I am afraid of heights. Got this airy head suddenly while my kid was all smiling and having fun. Gosh! When the  ride was done, I got my legs all wobbly. 

Then, the entire family headed to our fave resto and dined. I felt so full that I had to drink again tea to ease my tummy. 

But, I thank God for a lovely day with my loved ones. I wish you had great time too.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year Family Celebration

Tomorrow shall be February 14 and it is Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. We are not at all Chinese but my husband who is half Chinese, normally buys the sticky meal to bring good energy to the family.

The malls are indeed flocked with Chinese goodies, decors and  Valentine's decors.  Earlier, we missed the Chinese dragon dance  in Robinson's  Mall. This is supposed to bring good fortune to the establishments. 

And, since it is a love day, we are supposed to give gifts to our loved ones. Most likely, I shall celebrate the day by having a dinner with the family. 

Hmnn, talking about gifts, I wish to buy a  face cream   for my mom, my sibling and myself. Perhaps, I can check later what I can buy for my loved ones as gifts.

In the Philippines, there is only a small percentage of Chinese families but then some Filipinos abide by their culture and traditions for good luck and fortune. It is the year of the Metal Tiger, and my fortune says I will do better this year. I can only hope for it to happen not only for myself but for my loved ones too.


Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

It is the eve of Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day and we are only pretty excited to celebrate it even in the simplest way.

But, how  did Valentine's Day come to exist, I could only check Wikipedia. LOL!   The family will still be working tomorrow but a simple dinner with my loved ones would suffice!

Happy Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year everyone! Best wishes for you all. myspace graphic comments
Valentines Day Graphic Comments


Stressed Family

My family in the Philippines is into business and although it has endured long years, it is without its own share of success and failures. 

Running a business has its own good points. For one, you own and manage your own time. You can practically do anything. But, if sales are bleak, you can also freak out especially if your employees depend on you and your family depends on the business.

Since January, the sales have become very bleak. Now, that the holiday hype is over, businessmen can only hope for improved operations. We are also waiting for our business papers from DTI  and GenSan local government. 

We get stress out that I could see eye sores and pimples. Sigh! I need to use first our home meds to  treat acne   and the zits.  

We can only wish that the business shall do better in the coming days.  The celebration of Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day somehow, contributes to the festive mood that people hope to go on buying opportunities. I can only hope for more!  


My Sibling on Career Crossroads

My youngest sibling is graduating from high school and come end of March, she will  join the rest of the graduates who are lost as to picking the right course. 

She recently took SCOPE of DepEd (Department of Education) to determine the most appropriate course for her. 

And since her grades are not that good in Mathematics and Science but excelled in extra - curricular activities, only business - oriented courses are recommended.  So, she has not choice but considers BS Business Administration from my old alma mater, Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. But, the family can only be relieved since we are also into business. 

Perhaps, when she is all done, she can bring the business to greater heights. We can only keep our fingers crossed. 


I’m Losing Weight!

I did complain before that I would not fit through my pants anymore and that the bulges were getting bigger. I missed my biking and jogging since I was too lazy to get up early.

But, I mustered all the courage and started dieting. And, after weeks of diet, I saw my most recent pictures with wonders! Yepey! Indeed, I lost weight. However, I still have to take off the bulges. These can only be done if my   diets that work  shall be complemented with regular exercise. Sigh! I cannot really do this weight loss without putting greater efforts. 

In spite of losing weight already, I wish to sustain it for my own health. Somehow, my back pains and bone conditions shall improve. I don’t want to grow old with severe osteoporosis and painstaking joint pains. 


Fun Night With Kid

During a night swimming with my kid

I have been a working mom since I gave birth to my kid and one of the reasons I don't want to have another child is the fact that I can't really give much to time to him.  

So,  after seven years of working fulltime, I gave it up and work on the business, and do parttime teaching instead. That way, I can attend to the needs of my kid in the morning as he heads to school, and helps him out with his school works as soon as  I arrive home.

I am only sorry that I missed much time with him when he was younger. But, it is never too late to cope with family bonding time.  


Bigger Family?

My kid is turning 8 years old and oftentimes, I ask him if he wants another sibling, the reply is always a yes. I cannot however, comply his wish for some personal reasons.

This has been the frequent query too of our friends who wish me with another kid. But, I can only keep them disappointed. My desire for a youngster can be sufficed by the presence of our youngest nephew at home.

But, while I don’t want to have another baby, I have my friends who in spite of long years in marriage remain barren.

They have tried medical examination, pregnancy – inducing medicines and alternatives, but the efforts are still vain. We did ask our lady friends if they had their spouses check for fertility lapses and other health problems but their answers were pessimistic as their condition. Sometimes, they go for herbal and non-medical ways, anti - incontinence products    and aphrodisiacs and alike. Their pregnancies however, remain to be anticipated and hoped for.  I only wish that there are no health problems that can actually impede their having a baby. 

A home is less brighter without a kid, so, I only hope that my friends can have their wishes answered. As for me, one kid is more than enough.


My little boy on one fun day with his favorite, Jollibee

His photo shoot of his parents on a Sony Alpha 100 camera

My kid is quite on visual works. For one, he remembers well, plays with gadgets superbly, and do photography too. 

His school recently gave him a recognition for his photography works and asked us to let him take a formal training in photography. We are only prouder of his skills and works.

I shall keep his works on a folder and perhaps, in the near future I can profile all his shots and have these on exhibit. Cool!


My Siblings on Job Hunt

Life is still harder if even the government says that recession has become slimmed. But, for my siblings and other family members, they simply demand better.

They have their tickets already for Singapore and shall be leaving this June. My kid and I will however, visit for some fun abroad. I only wish that they shall all have decent jobs then and well settled so the visit can be more fun.

For now, they have to prepare effective resumes  as their first step and submit these to hiring companies and hope for possible interviews. For now, I can only cross my fingers and hope that all their efforts won’t go in vain. 


The Kids on Work

My kid with his teacher on their pizza - making field trip to Pizza Hut

My nephew and kid normally have their weekly hands-on activity. And, just recently, the school asked them to bring some ingredients for cooking and decors for Valentine’s Day.

So, last night, they were quite proud to show their works. I even had my kid’s cook for breakfast. Truly, the kids have grown up. Next thing we know it, they shall be bringing along friends and ladies at home.

But, while they are young, specifically my kid, I shall however, enjoy the time with them.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alarming Teenage Pregnancy Increases

It took more than a week when the national news alerted us of the increasing number of teenage pregnancy and HIV-AIDS especially among younger adults. 

I can only be worried since I have a youngest sibling who is only 16 years old and quite socially active. These scenarios and sex - related health problems can only be attributed to technology - oriented society where ethics and family values go weak.

Internet and cell phone  are accessible to people of different age who can  accept and access multimedia files of subtle to gross and adult content. Worst, the young ones get excited and simply wanted to try  all sorts of fun.

However, this alarms parents and the young ones to be responsible with their gadgets including cellphone and desktop computers   to  know what  they can do and must not do and set their personal limits. 

Technology is never evil but improper use of it makes a big difference. As a parent, we can only teach and guide our youngsters. 


Youngest Sibling: School Lost

with my  other siblings on a fun beach day!

Our youngest sibling is graduating from high school.  She does not do well in school although she is a very active in extra - curricular activities. In fact, she is a member of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.  We were Girl Scout members before but she finds this too weak and less exciting. hahahhahha!

But, when she took the career exam required for all graduating high school students, she only excelled on entrepreneurial career. For us, this is a good sign since she can help with the family business. 

Problem is, she wants to be in a good school where tuition is high and my mom is only worried of her possible performance. Sigh!

I only hope she performs better once she is in college. 


Done Exhibit for My Sister

I  joined the exhibits held at malls but recently due to poor sales, I inhibited from the other exhibits and simply concentrate on our old store and wait for our mall occupancy.

But, today, my sister Tammy, just had her month-long exhibit done. She displayed fashion accessories, some personal beauty products and our Victoria Secrets perfumes.

But, now that Valentine's Day is coming, I only wish that I can have certified diamonds for a gift. That indeed can be a great delight coming from a loved one.  I have been wanting to have a crowned pearl highlighted with diamonds to complement my necklace and earrings.

Well, my sister can only wait for the next exhibit, come one week after. But, she will again do this on her own.


My Sick Kid!

My kid is sick again of tonsillitis again right after he swam from a public swimming pool. This is pretty the case when a pool is contaminated and his resistance is weak.

He was feverish for three days. His pop wanted to give him the natural remedy but the fever came on and off. So, on the third day, we gave him his old antibiotics. 

He is quite playful when he is not sick so it bothers me a lot when he is down with something. He had to be absent from school and missed his quiz although he was only happy to stay at home and just watched his movies.