Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alarming Teenage Pregnancy Increases

It took more than a week when the national news alerted us of the increasing number of teenage pregnancy and HIV-AIDS especially among younger adults. 

I can only be worried since I have a youngest sibling who is only 16 years old and quite socially active. These scenarios and sex - related health problems can only be attributed to technology - oriented society where ethics and family values go weak.

Internet and cell phone  are accessible to people of different age who can  accept and access multimedia files of subtle to gross and adult content. Worst, the young ones get excited and simply wanted to try  all sorts of fun.

However, this alarms parents and the young ones to be responsible with their gadgets including cellphone and desktop computers   to  know what  they can do and must not do and set their personal limits. 

Technology is never evil but improper use of it makes a big difference. As a parent, we can only teach and guide our youngsters. 



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