Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bigger Family?

My kid is turning 8 years old and oftentimes, I ask him if he wants another sibling, the reply is always a yes. I cannot however, comply his wish for some personal reasons.

This has been the frequent query too of our friends who wish me with another kid. But, I can only keep them disappointed. My desire for a youngster can be sufficed by the presence of our youngest nephew at home.

But, while I don’t want to have another baby, I have my friends who in spite of long years in marriage remain barren.

They have tried medical examination, pregnancy – inducing medicines and alternatives, but the efforts are still vain. We did ask our lady friends if they had their spouses check for fertility lapses and other health problems but their answers were pessimistic as their condition. Sometimes, they go for herbal and non-medical ways, anti - incontinence products    and aphrodisiacs and alike. Their pregnancies however, remain to be anticipated and hoped for.  I only wish that there are no health problems that can actually impede their having a baby. 

A home is less brighter without a kid, so, I only hope that my friends can have their wishes answered. As for me, one kid is more than enough.



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