Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year Family Celebration

Tomorrow shall be February 14 and it is Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. We are not at all Chinese but my husband who is half Chinese, normally buys the sticky meal to bring good energy to the family.

The malls are indeed flocked with Chinese goodies, decors and  Valentine's decors.  Earlier, we missed the Chinese dragon dance  in Robinson's  Mall. This is supposed to bring good fortune to the establishments. 

And, since it is a love day, we are supposed to give gifts to our loved ones. Most likely, I shall celebrate the day by having a dinner with the family. 

Hmnn, talking about gifts, I wish to buy a  face cream   for my mom, my sibling and myself. Perhaps, I can check later what I can buy for my loved ones as gifts.

In the Philippines, there is only a small percentage of Chinese families but then some Filipinos abide by their culture and traditions for good luck and fortune. It is the year of the Metal Tiger, and my fortune says I will do better this year. I can only hope for it to happen not only for myself but for my loved ones too.



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